• Thirteen is much to young.

    I have been considered an old soul, but even when I was thirteen, I was not grown up enough to be in a relationship. Before someone should consider dating, they should have an understanding of lasting relationships, sexuality and love, and most importantly, who they are. A thirteen year old could not know that yet. Crushes are alright,manic even cute, but a relationship is not for thirteen year old.

  • Relationship meaning what?

    For someone to be in a relationship they need a couple things, 1. A license to drive her, if you have to have your mom or dad pick you up and drop you off then you don't need to be dating, and 2, it needs to not be more cons then pros, that's just over al but I already covered why 13 is too young. Plus at 13 you don't really know even yourself yet so why try to really know someone else?

  • Depends What You Mean

    This question really needs to be clarified a bit. What do you mean by "a relationship?" If you mean to ask if 13 is too young to "like" someone, then I would disagree. However, if you mean to ask whether 13 is too young for a deep, intimate, consenting physical relationship, then I believe that yes, it is entirely too young. I would hope that you are at least 16 before having a "deeper" relationship, and especially a physical one, for your own safety.

  • Thirteen is too young

    Thirteen year olds tend to make overly quick and unplanned decisions. They should not be in relationships because they will likely do something that they will regret or make a bad decision. At that age, people are still figuring out who they are and could be influenced by their boyfriend or girlfriend very easily, and not always in a good way. Besides, at thirteen, relationships are not very serious and mostly consist of talking at school and fussing over each other a lot. Essentially thirteen year olds are too young to be in relationships because they need to find themselves and because the possible relationship isn't much more than an obsessive friendship.

  • They could be in a relationship!

    I think that it just depends on the person. Also, it doesn't really matter since sometimes its not really that serious. Also, if they just so happen to "break up" (if its not that serious) they could learn from their mistakes and the next time they are in a relationship maybe they wont screw up.

  • Relationships for 13 year olds are fine

    They can be in relationships, because in the future they will be able to learn through their experiences, however in relationships, I refer to a respectful and comfortable dating relationship. If they are in a relationship, they should be able to be mature and wise enough to not do regretful things that will ruin their future. They should be more in a: "we're friends but dating relationship", so that they know the rules and border of being too intimate.

  • It all depends

    There are more than one thirteen year old in this world, I know what you guys mean by being reckless but at the same time not all thirteen year olds are like that, i'm a teenager and some of my friends have relationships you might think it's a serious one but in realty they're just like best friends who just like each other, they understand how to be mature so at the stage of life their in right now their just taking it easy.

  • Depends on the person

    Almost everyone is going to be in some kind of relationship in their life. To start at 13 to get some experience is not a bad thing. Sure, the kids aren't as mature as they're going to be, but to wait until a "suitable age" instead of doing what's natural is detrimental to their growth.

  • Thirteen is a fine age

    I think it really matters on the person. Some people mature faster than others. I'm thirteen now and in a relationship I am very mature for my age and weigh the pros and cons in almost every decision. Now if you think thirteen is too young at least value maturity in who you are talking about.

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