• Yes, this presidential election is different.

    While of course every presidential election is different, this one feels even more unique. We have a highly controversial figure known for his expertise in the business world without a very broad political background in Donald Trump. Then we have the first ever woman candidate who just happens to be the wife of a former president in Hillary Clinton. I feel there will be many more voters than usual come November.

  • The rhetoric is very different

    We have never had a presidential election that was so full of hatred and vile attacks against other candidates. The Republican Party is making the same mistake it did with Goldwater, but even that election wasn't as full of hatred and fear as this one is. I hope this never happens again.

  • It is very different.

    This is one of the most ridiculous and important elections we have ever had. This country is dangling by a thread and the outcome of this election will decide where we are going as a country. This has also been the most toxic elections we have ever had mainly from the fact that we have a bunch of immature morons running for it.

  • Yes, Its very hard making decision

    This time its a mixture of feelings for the voters. its hard to make a decision when the party and the candidate have so many different values and focus. Its hard to choose a candidate when either way voters are not confident about their decision. This time any vote is not going to be a good outcome.

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