Is this rape accusation against Assange just an excuse to prosecute him for the wikileaks?

  • Yes, what do we expect when you raffle the who-is-who in the society.

    The rape accusation against Assange is just an excuse to prosecute him for the Wikileaks. Assange has done what most people fear doing, exposing the dirty secrets of the governments and the rich and mighty in the world. He is even lucky he has not been assassinated, so the rape accusation are just a way of diverting his focus.

  • No, the Rape Accusations Against Julian Assange Could be Legitimate

    The rape accusations against Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange could be legitimate, and not just a shell to prosecute him for Wikileaks. Although several news publications have shed doubt as to the legitimacy of the claims, it's important to consider the side of the victim, and the possibility that a rape really did happen. The claims are especially important to the victim, as victims of rapes often suffer psychologically for the rest of their lives.

  • No, it is not.

    Most people are unwilling and afraid to accuse someone of rape because of the repercussions that usually follow as well as the fact that it is difficult to prove. It is likely that the rape alegations are true, and that no matter what anyone's opinion of Wikileaks is, they can agree that rape is terrible.

  • Rape accusation against Assange should be believed

    Julian Assange, who is involved in WikiLeaks, has made headlines again following a new accusation against him that alleges he is a rapist. This accusation needs to be believed - it is not merely political, it is a legitimate claim that should be investigated and proven in order for women to live in safety.

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