• Yes, he is!

    Yes, I think he is a great choice. I was very pleased with what I heard and saw last night during his speech in front of the DNC. He seems easy-going and a good contrast to Clinton's Type-A personality. He also has strong relationships with politicians in both parties, which should be helpful because Clinton has a tendency to rub some people the wrong way. I'm happy with her decision.

  • Yes, they balance each other well.

    Yes, Kaine is a good running mate for Clinton. They get along well. They see eye to eye on most things, at least on the important things. They present a cohesive, unified front. They are reasonable people who will think carefully before making important decisions that will affect our nation.

  • A great balance

    Yes, Tim Kaine is a good running mate for Hillary Clinton. He is a long-time democrat; well-respected and known for his work on civil justice issues. In addition to his political experience, Kaine has a great connection to the Hispanic community, speaking Spanish in his convention speech and encouraging his audience to join him--a real bonding act.

  • Tim Kaine has too much baggage!

    The media has immediately picked up on skeletons in Tim Kaine's closet. In these days of increasing terrorism, his speaking engagements for Muslim groups, and appointing someone from the American arm of the Muslim brotherhood to be in charge of immigration will both be issues Republicans bring to light again and again. Kaine has received clothing, vacations, and flights on private jets -- all of which were legal, but still raise eyebrows.

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