• Time is a concept, it doesn't exist.

    People have invented time to keep track of past events and predict future events, how can time exist? Simple it can't, things just move on there own, if time were to exist, it would be possible to time travel, and we would see it, and different species might experience time in different speeds.

  • It's All Relative

    Time, as we measure it, is just a relative scale that measures the actual passing of time. We could have created a system of 10-hour days with 144 minutes each, or 240 hours with 6 minutes each. Either way, we just have a scale of measuring it. Is it really that big of a deal?

  • Time is an artificial human construct.

    Time is relative- Einstein proved that. Which means by definition time does not exist. It's only relative to human perception, hence a human construct. How can time be disproved? Look no further the Quantum Physics. Time does not exist in QP. A simple proof? Electron quantum jumps. And there are many more examples. We live in a QP world, not a temporal relativity one. This is why the Unification Theory is not workable, which is quickly proving to be the case. QP will be the key to traveling faster than light, as several experiments have already proven.

  • Time is that which we have safely disguised as something we have conquered for its tendency to comply to how we expect it to be.

    Time is an unknown. Though, like the seasons we measure it by, it has a tendency to comply to how we expect it to occur. Still, we cannot explain why this is so, or that for certain it will happen again. We also cannot explain that our perception of this tendency is accurate. Maybe time is circular, and a part of me will forever be filling out this argument on debate.Org. The only reason there isn’t more speculation about time is that humans are pompous and subconsciously fear the unknown. Time would be personified even more than Death if we actually thought it could defy the clocks we have crammed it into.

  • Clocks have nothing to do with it

    I've seen people say that clocks were invented after people started keeping time. Some people also claim that without time, nothing could move. These arguments are borderline retarded. Many people would say that the big bang was the beginning of time. So if nothing could move without time, and the big bang was the beginning, what set off the explosion? It must have happened before there was time. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, all of these are no different than miles, inches, cups, gallons, pounds, tons, or any other form of measurement. Clocks were invented for the same reason rulers were invented. Or a scale, or a measuring cup, or a speedometer.

  • Time Is Not Real

    Time is a measurement man has created to support their theories of matter and physics. In all actuality, time does not in fact exist. Reality is what we call time. You live, and time became a measurement because of our sun. As soon as you leave earth you only have time relative to earth after that point. Thus, time again being a false measurement to standardise our lives. If time does exist, then how come the future is not also already set in motion. Time would have to be a constant, and because of this, we would perhaps be able to travel between it from beginning to end. Until science can indisputably explain where everything that is came from (without guesses and or theoretical mathmatic equations) I cannot reasonably believe that time is a thing. Only, reality, or momentary reality. Every instance of existence is another bit of a newly created reality that, mind you, is merely based on perception.

  • Time is a calculation of existence.

    In a very extremely short summary, time was originally documented based on the rotation of earth versus the vast changes that occur within it. Hence how cultures from past times would determine the passing of time by when the sun rises and falls and when the crops would grow; or when it gets cold or hot. Fast forwarding into the future humans evolved mentally to create a calculation per culture that measured these changes in and understanding format. A year can be described without a time stamp in the 4 seasons; as a day can be described when the sun rises, fall and rises again. Note i'm only being blunt on these depictions. Moving forward now we have a global construct of the modern clock and calendar, hence was all created by man. Understand each planet in or system doesn't rotate the same as earth, so the ideology of our time here would have to be recalculate and converted. Which brings the final conclusion and understanding that time is only a measurement but a measurement for the existence of the human species. We do not know how other species sees time unless we can communicate relatively with it. The conscious mind can feel the difference between the now, future and past. That why when we are unbothered or idle we feel time goes by slower. A iguana can sit perched on a branch for hours or even days just to catch food and it has no understanding on the passing of time of our creation because our time isn't depicted the same for each species. Time is a human measurement of our existence as well as documentation that we existed.

  • We believe time to flow like a river

    So we believe time to flow one day at a time, that's how we were taught to think at least. Perhaps time is more like a lake or an ocean. It is possible that time happens all at once, but we believe it to happen in sequential order. Today, tomorrow, yesterday, week, year, day, hour, minute, second, all of these are made up to explain what we haven't been able to explain. Time is completely made up and has no actual order of events. We just make up time to explain what we are incapable of understanding.

  • Time is a construct but I will not say it is man made

    I cannot really support this in any way except to say it is just a 'feeling'. I really don't know how this is so. I'm just looking into time to see what I can learn about it and this 'time is a construct' just came to me - I didn't come to that as a conclusion.

  • Time does not Exist

    If we break down matter to its smallest, we can get atom, or even proton or electron or something. But is there any smallest unit of time? Like one tenth of a sec or one millionth? There is none. So, the perceived time is just a measurement of causality. If you are measuring time by the swing of pendulum - the swing will take more "time" on moon? If you are measuring solar year by the movement of earth around the sun ... What will it be after the sun dies out? In a truly universal scale time does not exist as it is ever expanding (unless it starts contracting some day). We just have the illusion of time which is none other than measurement of causality in one way or other.

  • What the f*ck is all this time is man made sh*t?

    Before humans arrived, are u saying that there was no time? If time didn't exist before humans turned up, how would dinosaurs and stuff have time? It is a concept, people can't create it, it always existed but humans just discovered it. I think that this is ridiculous. Drop the mic.

  • Time is real

    The thing is, we know time passes, we measure it in seconds and minutes and hours, etc. But also just like mass, we also measure it in grams and pounds. But we made it up, the definition a gram that is, same for pound. The measurement of mass and time and length, etc. was definitely man-made. But that doesn't mean mass or length doesn't exist. Time exists in nature. Humans just measure it.

  • Time is real.

    According to Stephen Hawking time moves slower in far-out space. He used an analogy with twins to describe this. If one twin went far out in to space and one stayed on earth, and then seeming only to be a few years on earth passed, the twin that went into space would have aged considerably more than the twin that stayed on earth. Time is not a man made concept, it exists and moves the universe forward.

  • Time is dimension

    Time is a dimension, we perceive time as instances of our 3d universe. If there were a universe with time as its 4th the would see like we see depth or height. And they could alter it and damage it. They would seem like gods we are confide to out universe but if we could exist with beings in lower universes we would seem like gods being able to appear and disappear as we would operate above them. But they wouldn't be able to perceive that.

  • Without time the universe would be static

    As others have stated our arbitrary measurements for time as we perceive it are man made constructs. Time as the fourth dimension of space and time exists a priori to humans actual perceptuon of it. Time also is not a line that can be traveled back and forth on but is a ray segment that moves foward at the "now" interval. Yes it is true that time as it is experienced is relative to the speed an individual is traveling, their mass and the affects of gravity on that individual. But time as an universal block of space and time is continuous and consistent.

  • Time is real

    It existed even before humans existed! Not many can anticipate it because not many have abstract thinking else everyone would have been New torn or Einstein! We know any process is not instantaneous and time is the book keeping fourth dimension! Whenever we refer to chemical,physical, biological process we are referring to the evolution in that fourth dimension!
    To understand time we need to make the skeptic people stand outside of restroom and when they want to go in! They will understand the meaning of time! It is real but relative and STR/ GTR describes it beautifully!

  • Depends on how you define time

    I think the answer to this question very much depends on the way we define time. One could define time as an interval between to events. Here the quantification of an interval is definitely man made. However, I see time more abstract as the change of things itself. For me no time would mean no change in anything. Therefore I say time itself is not a man made construct, since things changed even before we existed. Nevertheless the quantification of intervals in time is man made.

  • Depends on how you define time

    I think the answer to this question very much depends on the way we define time. One could define time as an interval between to events. Here the quantification of an interval is definitely man made. However, I see time more abstract as the change of things itself. For me no time would mean no change in anything. Therefore I say time itself is not a man made construct, since things changed even before we existed. Nevertheless the quantification of intervals in time is man made.

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  • Time is a measurement

    Sure, the measurements of time are manmade. Actual time though is not. Humans figured out that it takes the earth 24 hours to rotate once, therefore they named it one day. Humans broke down the measurements we use for time. Remember just because we name something doesn't mean we created it

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