• The measurement of Time is Man Made

    Time is a man made term. Nothing else in the universe measures time as we do. Events happen, but only man associates Time to it, and therefore the answer is Yes.
    Discussions around theory and dimensions serve no purpose. Time, and it's measurement are merely the desire of man to categorise and attempt to control.

  • I think time is an illusion.

    Only humans have a concept of time. Animals don't. Animals don't have a fear of running out of time because they don't know what time is. Yes, the days pass and the seasons come and go, but the concept and measurement of time is made by humans. I really suggest watching Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman: Does Time Really Exist? It's a really good documentary.

  • What Is Time?

    Since nobody knows what time is, it can't be man-made. What man made is only a device that measures repeated equal intervals of something. And man called it 'time'. He could have called it anything else. It's the fourth dimension of the time-space continuum we're living in. What we consider as 'time' is our subjective perception of change. And we have created units to describe the speed of the change. But - what is time?

  • Moon Powered Time

    Time has always been measured by the moon... Night follows day.

    So is time man made ... No ... But it is focused on by man which is a different point.

    If time were man made there would-be more hours in the day, and a lot more daylight!

    Be Real

  • If we could make it...

    You'd need a time machine that made time for that. We only have machines that eliminate time right now. I'm on one right now. So much less useful. Of course, if I had a time machine to make time, I'd just feed it right into the machine that used it.

  • The Fourth Dimension

    The 4th dimension is the fabric of time. This there is time in the future and there is time in the past. Theologically, Hod has always been there suggesting that there is no beginning or end to time itself. Without this dimension, nothing would exist or everything would stop generating, producing or even moving.

  • Not exactly in that way...

    Time has been, is, and will always be there. WE as humans did not create it. We invented the ways to count and show time, such as 10:50pm on January 1st, but time has always been there around the world, even if we didn't have the ways to describe and state the time we were in.

  • Dawn of time isn't when clocks were made!

    The first mechanical clock was made in 1656. Is 1656 known as the "dawn of time"? No, it isn't. If time hadn't of existed before men (and women) made it, then there would have been no time to make it. Plus, it is impossible to create something that isn't tangible. It can only be discovered. Time isn't man-made.

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