• Yes, girls deserve the same opportunities.

    Yes, Title Nine is a good policy, because girls deserve the same opportunities for taxpayer dollars that men receive. With everyone paying taxes, it is not fair that men should have opportunities for college athletics that women would not have. When the government is involved, it is fair to have laws that make sure taxpayer dollars are fairly distributed.

  • Yes it is

    Title nine is a good policy. It enabled females to participate in sports and get equal funding and chances. Im sick and tired of hearing people complain about how its unfair to males. Men still have advantages in sports today. This law just made more oppurtunities for women. I understand males will get less funding but its just plain unfair if they get more than women. Men today can play football and a lot of their sports allow contact while the womens still dont. They should shut their mouths about this because theyre still at the advantage. There are many girls out the probably wanting to be pro athletes when they grow up. Sadly, it wont be possible or will be really hard to achieve because women pro athletes get little or no pay. Yes, theres some out there but theyre far outnumbered by men. If we can get more girls into sports from this maybe this whole "sports are a mans world" belief can change. The U.S was one of the first countries to have a policy like this. Because of this the U.S has a great Olympics team. Since we have had well trained women in the Olympics they have won us medals and helped out team greatly. More metals won by team USA have been won by women because this law enabled us to have well trained female athletes. We always hear about how great Americas womens Olympic soccer team is. We have won gold so much more than the men's. This law has made it possible for women to have equal play and theres no reason we cant have more like it because we still haven't reached equality.

  • No it is not

    Title nine is not a good policy. For example, in youth hockey, there are separate girl's teams, however girls can still choose to play on boy's teams. This means that boys are being given less opportunities even though more boys play hockey. Boys have their team spots taken by girls on boy's teams, however girls can't have their spots taken away by boys on girl's teams. All the different teams that exist should be reformatted to be co-ed teams, with no specific advantage given to boys or girls. Everything else in the world when you are chosen for something is based on skill, so why aren't sports teams done in this way? The way sports are organized shouldn't be organized based on chromosomes.

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