• Its only getting worse

    Im also young in my 20s and from this generation, unfortunately theres no way out, its becoming more limited, idk how it was back then because i wasnt there but having heard from older ppl it sounded like an amazing time to be alive, now its the worst time to be alive. What i do not understand is how on earth now in 2017 we are living like the stone age and wild west, ppl armed to the teeth, less education, and stona aged cities all over the middle east that wanst like that before 30 years ago, its like more technology but more primitive humans

  • Very Selfish BRATS!

    I have one at home she is my Great Niece constantly reminds me she is 21! Really if she is so grown why did I have to Co-Sign for her car and why is she on my auto Insurance??? Why does she have 2 kids from a dead beat dad?? Why is she on food stamps?? Hey if your so Grown then carry your own weight!! Don't get crazy because I have rules in my home! Don't like it get your own home!

  • The new youth is the worst generation, and that's coming from someone in that generation.

    As someone in the younger generation, I'm not going to be one of the people that can cleanly say they do not use social media. I'm not saying I don't get addicted to my phone, that I don't get lazy, that I don't have problems because of the world alone. But it is because of this truth that I cannot say that that proves that our generation is kind of doomed. I used to be the girl that would read five hours a day. Now, that has been dramatically lowered not only be my increase in homework, but the more time I spend on social media.
    Our generation can be so clueless. My generation is cruel. They are stupid too. They don't understand things they should. They acts upon stupid impulses. They can't think.
    Of all the generations, mine is the worst. I like to think of what my life could have been in another time. For all I know, I could be a good 50 IQ points higher.

  • Social Media Issues.

    So, I am a teenager, 16 years old, and I can say for sure that this generation is the worst. People got expelled from collage due to the fact that they posted some dumb things on social media. Social Media ruins some people's lives! (Also one reason I don't use social media) Sure with social media we can share pictures of things like the Eiffel Tower and others but I just don't see the point. We don't really need WiFi or touch screen phones. We could live with basic flip phones and no touch screen. My favorite game on a phone is from a basic phone! (Brick breaker) In total, our generation is absolute s***.

  • Have you ever tried to have a conversation with one ?

    They have no idea where money come's from, They thank they deserve a raise every 6 months instead of earning one. Also I went to Starbucks one night and everyone under 30 had their nose stuck in their phone and no one was talking to anybody. It was a awkward silence. They also thank they are "making things better". Give me a break they are making things more complicated. I don't need apps or a touch screen phone. They have no idea how to "keep it simple" is.

  • Saying they are the worst generation is being too nice!

    These politically correct entitled snowflakes are destroying this country. They are uneducated and too fragile to function in the real world. If you disagree with them they literally have a mental breakdown! They are some of the absolute laziest people on the planet. They better pray we never have another draft in this country cause not a damn one of them would survive.

  • Personal experience... 16 year old here

    I really feel different lol. I see everyone on school so immature and only a few individuals can really think with their minds and not their di**s...

    I just think it was the sudden change between the generations, don't know what is responsible for it but I am afraid that the next generation will be even more out of their minds.

  • Our social life eat our priorities

    I am not proud to say I am part of the worst generation, we aren't the worst of all time but our whole life's have been strangled by our own creation... Technology. No one likes what our government is doing but we have become content with just complaining, sitting on our ass googling everything we learn and deciding we know better because someone wrote it on the Internet. We are run by wolves and surrounded by sheep no one has any self image anymore their is no movement and no one gives two shits because OOH LOOK CAT VIDEO

  • Kids from the 70s thought that the next generation was going to be awsome with hover boards and flying cars but nothing like this!

    Who ever is reading this i just want to let you know that im speaking as a kid from this generation...
    And i know how kids and teenagers are like nowdays...
    And i would do anything to be a kid in the 70s,60s,80s,50s and all thoes fun,groovie times. Nowdays a 4 year old kid could learn how to use the internet! And just get brainwashed and would'nt learn how to socialise!...
    People are'nt social anymore like they were back in the days! Kids would ride there bike to the mall, everyone in the neighbourhood could trust each other.
    But now i dont even know who my next door neighbour is and i've been living here for 3 years in america...
    And i also lived in sydney and trust me its the same there!
    Also trends,tv shows,games,movies have changed alot, and dont even get me started on the music!
    Even though im born in 2003 i stilll love queens,cat stevens,led zepplins,elvis preselys,tracy chapmans, and way more! Nowdays teenagers dont know who thwy are and what real music is and whoevers reading this i want you to go on yutube and compare this domb song called nae, nae with on of eric claptons songs like layla, and i know a kid from the 80s would love to listen to one of the greatest hits from that time that actually is sung with real talent but seriously??? Kids actually listen to to songs like nae nae and are just brainwashed real badly... Wheres the good old society gone?
    Social,cool,fun!!! Is just all gone... Why did it have to go awy so fast! Lets bring thoes times back people! And i hope you realized that this generation is corrupted!

  • Lack of productivity

    When it comes to day-to-day economics, this generation can be quite scary, as they are humanity's future. A thorough lack of basic financial skills could prove really bad. People are forgetting the other ways to use money (Saving, or otherwise donating), and they only spend. I was born in 2003, but I feel like one of the only productive teenagers out there.

  • Is it really the fault of the current generation?

    I think it's utterly ridiculous that people nowadays think that this generation is the worst so far. Come on, we all know each generation has its pros and cons but to go as far as to call it the worst is just insane. Why are we the worst generation? Poverty? No that never started with us it has been here forever, better blame the first generation then. In fact it is youth that step up to try to reduce poverty ever heard of the movements held by youth to raise funds for charities? Cyberbullying? That's silly, comparing to how long bullying has been in this world and has simply been made more aware since media is easily accessible. Without these cases of cyberbullying would we be even aware of bullying which has been present for ages? Would we be more aware of people being bullied at the corner of the road or on the net? The net of course, which leads to campaigns protests lawsuits whatever it takes to stop the vile human being. Rude, ignorant, childish? That's even more appalling since egotism has been taken to a whole other level with those accusations. Are u trying to say that u were never any of those? In your generation? Are u trying to say it never existed before the current generation? Social media? Is social media really that bad? Where are all of the campaigns for human rights sprouting out from? Where did the idea of being married as a lgbt person garner support from? Where do people go to be informed of the current time thru the instant newspaper article or where do people go to get hundreds of perspectives to see if they are simply blocking their mind to the truth. Todays generation certainly isn't the worst generation so far and i am willing to reply to any points you have. Everything this generation has and does come from the previous generations. You are just trying to blame someone for problems which roots came from hundreds of years ago?
    This is coming from a 14 yo and trust me, i know there are flaws in this generation but going as far as to call it the worst generation is utterly and completely ridiculous

  • More educated than ever.

    26% of Todays youth have at least a 4 yr degree. They are better at multi tasking, more and more volunteer, they have higher prospects for themselves than generations prior. They love attention and love to make money. They are not settling for meager wages. Unlike in the past you had to work hard( physically) for your money. Because they love being in the lime light and are pretty spoiled compared to generations before they have a desire to have what they want as well as what they need. They are revolutionaries..They work together as a team. They learned this by being involved during their youth. Either through church or outside activities such as sports clubs etc. Todays your also have opportunity to work more with their brains than their bodies..Thanks to technology. They walk out of highschool with more skills and knowledge than we did decades ago. College is more a norm for. All classes now. Decades ago it was just something wealthy kids did. Our parents pushed us to either work or go to college. Now college is just the average next step to getting to work. They are smarter, not always wiser..Let's face it they are still wet behind the ears. Todays youth are dreamers who know how to make it a reality. We were taught not to dream..Just get to work. I love. Todays youth. Because they are more insightful, more charismatic, I trust them with our future.

  • Have You Forgotten the Meaning of Being A Human Being?

    So, through revolutionary breakthroughs in science, more and more is being crammed into school syllabuses because these are the kinds of topics that the youths of today need to know. Not only does this increase the work load but it also creates a whole new level of competition. You can't simply drop out of high school and expect to get a well paying job due to the enormous amount of students who have continued their academic careers and have basically out-qualified the drop outs. If you want to get a job that can support many of our day to day activities, you need to hit the books hard.
    As for technology and social media, who doesn't spend a large amount of time online? Mobile communication is one of the biggest technological revolutions of our time, why wouldn't we want to spend our time on it? That being said though, it has become startling apparent that the youths of today do spend a bit too much time online. But this generation is also the first to have been brought up with all their devices at their fingertips, we personally don't know of other forms of entertainment from such young ages. We're the first to have grown up surrounded by these technologies, we're the guinea pigs in a sense.
    Finally, one of the most important things to remember is that this generation are just alike any other. They're all made up of people. People who also like to be shown respect, who like to be thought of as intellectuals, people who enjoy one another's company. Why do we deem it far to call this generation the worst? They're growing up in one of the most advanced, connected and enlightened periods of human history. Rallies for equality, charity events for third world communities, the very idea of accepting homosexuality, bisexuality and all the other identities just go to prove how forward thinking and caring this generation is of others.
    Can we just for a minute take a step back to reflect on all the positive things that have come from this generation? The idea that maybe they're not actually hell-spawns but instead our offspring? After all, they've been taught by the older generations, the pinnacle form of humanity, everything they know. All this bad behaviour has got to come from somewhere...

  • Come on! Really?!?

    I'm proud to say that our generation is making things so much better! Despite the fact that our language is impaired, and our sense of sexual control is damaged, the technology we use, the music we listen to, and the mental capacity we still have left makes us better as a whole. The older generation has no reason to say that we can't improve not only our country but our government. The older generation was the one that screwed it all up. PLUS! History teachers r saying that the pioneers founded this country when REALLY the Native Americans founded it FIRST! The older generation screwed our government up THAT way too! And to say that millennials have no purpose for existence is BULLSHIT. I'M 18 YEARS OLD, GODDAMMIT, AND I'M FUCKING HAPPY WITH WHAT I HAVE!!!

  • People have said this for thousands of years

    I was told this, my parents were told this, grand parents were told this. It's reaaly just bullshit. Some people need to stop presicting the future and focus on the now. P p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p.

  • People have said this for thousands of years

    I was told this, my parents were told this, grand parents were told this. It's reaaly just bullshit. Some people need to stop presicting the future and focus on the now. P p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p.

  • God bless you older people :')

    Simple answer is no, we are the most intelligent and progressive generation so far, with each generation comes the good and bad, most of you are judging your opinions on children you've met. Key word there being 'children'. Now I understand, people in their 20s to 30s in today's generation aren't well equipped with the social skills and knowledge to deal with children, don't worry this will come in time. But children are always going to be and always have been, cheeky. So possibly grow the fuck up and loose the arrogance (slightly hypocritical I must admit) because it's starting to come off as jealousy at this point.

  • Everyone here is right

    I'm a 16 year old teenager to be honest this Young Generation has gone to s*** in the near future when one of these kids turns 47 and becomes the u.s. president this country will go to s*** I will admit thankfully I will most likely not be around hopefully to see this will go to s*** this country is the worst in modern history we used to be an overpowering giant we defeated communism but now today we are nothing this country the new Young Generation is nothing if people realized what is going on hearing and watching people touch screen on the internet I'll admit it's amazing what the new generation is coming to neither though I am a part of this new generation I do not like this new generation to be honest with you I would rather like to live back in the forties in the fifties sixties seventies and hopefully died in 2010 if I could go back in time and live those years hearing kids cuss back then if YouTube was around most kids would probably not be able to sit down because their moms would probably spank the living s*** out of him and their fathers worked harder than they will ever in this new generations of light I've lost faith in humanity because of modern-day young kids it is terrible Ashley wish that are country let alone the entire world had the amount of nukes that would take to destroy all of humanity which means in case you're wondering how many nukes it would take 1 million 648 million news to destroy Humanity and the reason why I said that we need to destroy it so that we're the generation after that hopefully goes up smarter better the reason why our Young Generation has gone to s*** is because this internet media and excetera there's a video on YouTube called why America is not the greatest country in the world and it talks about why is not the greatest country in the world and it mentions the stupidity of the modern generation America is no longer the greatest country there is a theory out there called the dumbing of America the theory is that America's dumb as a 16 year old stuck in high school some kids can't even do that without the help of a calculator and they spell because BECU Z I mean our country has like the 27th in literature and 28th and Math and the 49th and infant living ratio as a sixteen-year-old I do not like this country nor This Modern generation of kids the bad thing is I'm stuck in this generation of kids I hate generation of children and sort of this country we used to be a great country until now due to our generation and a few other things and I'm using my Google microphone I say all this so yeah that's why the cuss words are blurred out is.

  • Older generations always think they're better than their youths today

    Since ancient times every generations think their youth is worst than ever. We're also rude, self-centered, ignorant, childish, etc etc when we were young, but somehow we forget our bad things we used to do and only remember how good we are yesterday. Its just our nature as humans to view ourselves, as better than the other (egotism)

  • Are you kidding?

    No. We get everything from the generations before us, so it's in no way our fault that the world is so fucked up. Besides, it's not like other generations haven't had their shortcomings too. Remember the VIETNAM WAR? Oh, I don't, because it wasn't my generation that lost that war. What about IRAQ? Wasn't my generation that started that one either. POVERTY? Poverty has been around since humans had currency, that's not our fault either. LACK OF ART? There's art everywhere, go to an art museum sometime. TOO MANY ELECTRONICS? Oh please.

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