• In the words of Sam Harris...

    Imagine that a known terrorist has planted a bomb in the heart of a nearby city. He now sits in your custody. Rather than conceal his guilt, he gloats about the forthcoming explosion and the magnitude of human suffering it will cause. Given this state of affairs--in particular, given that there is still time to prevent an imminent atrocity--it seems that subjecting this unpleasant fellow to torture may be justifiable.

  • Yes in some instances

    I really struggled with this question. Most of the time I think torture is wrong, but if it means saving people in the United States, then maybe it is not so wrong. I bet if someone asked if they could have prevented 9-11 by torturing one of the terrorists to get information about the attack, there would be very few Americans that would think this was wrong.

  • Yes, torture is acceptable in national security issues

    There is no reason by prisoners of war should not be used to extract important information that could potentially save hundreds, if not thousands of lives. While every case of priosners being held captive is different, it is important regardless of the situation to remember that the reason this prisoner is being detained is for obtaining information from this prisoner.

  • This is just my oppinion

    Well I am just trying to put my vote in hear so thanks for reading this. I think you should use torture in need situations that call for it. If torture is used on our american solders why shouldn't we use it on foreign solders. We should us methods to find information that they use on us and we should use it on them.

  • This is just my oppinion

    Well I am just trying to put my vote in hear so thanks for reading this. I think you should use torture in need situations that call for it. If torture is used on our american solders why shouldn't we use it on foreign solders. We should us methods to find information that they use on us and we should use it on them.

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  • In Special situations, esp Terrorism

    I think the argument against torture is too politically correct. In cases when there is a potential hazard due to information secretized by the prisoner, especially in cases of terrorism when there are lives of innocent people at stake, I think it is acceptable to resort to torture in order to save lives. Of course it should only be limited to that, and cases should be well defined and documented, lest it becomes a complete savagery or misuse

  • Acceptance is necessary

    We r so actually so coward n weak that we want our success just as a piece of cake..We are afraid of pain and want everything luxurious; torture-less. We should take these torture and pain optimistically and should accept and welcome it positively. I think when we will one day overcome these wonderful tortures......We would be a great person wtih full of knowledge n experience.......With great satifaction......Hence applies for a country
    live the pain......

  • Act of self defence

    Torture is the same as justifying as an act of self defence because according to Mirko bagaric torture is defensible and is necessary because the justification manifests from the closest thing we have to an inviolable right the right to self defence which extends to defence of another.It is not harming the moral values of the country

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  • Torture Banned by Geneva Conventions

    Prisoners of war should be treated humanely, not as animals. The Geneva Conventions were designed to prevent mistreatment in a time of war. America is a great nation that has the right to defend itself from attack. However, torturing people for information does not make or break our national security. No matter what happens, torturing individuals for intelligence is not a viable method to ensure security.

  • The Bible and God is against torture

    Many Christians around the world have been and are killed for national security for no other reasons than that they are Christians. The book Jesus Freaks by dc Talk and the Voice of the Martyrs gives many true stories of how Christians are tortured and murdered for their faith. This act itself is happening even now in Syria as the Islamic states searches for persecutes, tortures and murders Christians. This is all done for their country, because the members of the Islamic state believes that Christians are a threat to their national security. This does not justify torture.

    The Bible itself says that torture is bad. Romans 12:19 says Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” This shows among other verses that God himself is against torture and even though God has appointed the government with power it does not mean that we should use torture as a means of national security for the bible says in Romans 12 21 says do not overcome evil with evil but overcome evil with good.

  • Wrong, just plain wrong

    If torture were to become acceptable, how would the person committing the torture be any different from the one being tortured? Think about it, isn't torture a last resort? And even then, its not acceptable. How does one who commit such a horrible act able to look at himself or herself in the mirror.

  • It's against the American way

    As Americans, we've always respected the rights of others, even in the world wars. Obviously, many want to hurt terrorists for the atrocities they've committed. However, we need to stay strong and defend our ideals of human rights. By the way, it's never been proven to be the only method or even a method to gain valuable information: the ticking bomb scenario has never occurred.

  • Torture should NEVER be used, even in an EMERGENCY

    Torture isn't something that should be used everyday, we should try to resolve problems in WORDS first, so everybody doesn't go dying. That is what United Nations is for. Even when it comes to National security, No. If problems are not resolved, and a person is looking for a war and starts killing people, hold them in jail, just don't torture them. If America loses peace, it will be even harder to keep peace with other countries. Even if it's an EMERGENCY, it's better to die to help have having peace, than to live with chaos ruling.

  • Torture is not acceptable.

    Whether we do it thousands or hundreds, it doesn't matter. Every single life counts and that is the fact that the world has forgotten and that is why thousands of people die every single day. If we torture to gain information, how do we know the information is accurate and the person isn't just making up stuff so that we stop. Torturing is not only cruel but it is also shows the world that we are no different from the one we are torturing. I'm not saying punishment isn't justified i'm say torture isn't justified.

  • Definition of Torture?

    Obviously it’s licit for the state to punish criminals and/or suspected criminals (is not jail a punishment?). Even if you are just a suspected criminal you can be surveyed/questioned/etc. Which could be quite hassling and therefore technically punishment. Torture is merely an umbrella term referring to severe punishment. To say we can put people in prison for life and not waterboard them is merely an opinion as to which punishment goes beyond the line of licitness. So yes, torture is licit as long as we don’t perform any intrinsically evil acts on the person (like mutilate them or whatever). However, we must take into consideration that torture often times doesn’t work (cough cough, Iraq).

  • Torture is Unacceptable

    Even in issues of national security, the use of torture is unacceptable. If torture becomes accepted in extreme instances because its behavior is rationalized, then no one will draw a line and say that torture is never acceptable again. Its repeated use will be justified, until the government uses torture whenever it wants.

  • America Can't go against the United Nations

    I f we go against the UN we will feel the pain such as sanctions, and other forms of punishments. Going against the UN will be the kiss of death for America. We are one of the strongest nations of America. We must stay with the UN and follow their rules and regulations. If we didn't support them we would surely not be near as great of a nation.

  • To call a war on a morality stance and then gather infromation from torture...

    Geneva convention!!! After world war 2 the allies executed German and Japanese personal because they committed torture. Torture is wrong sadistic and not always effective. Didn't work in the witch hunts, or through any war. Creates unreliable information. Sick people enjoy torturing other people and they are attracted to position of power. They justify their actions in terms of the utilitarian good for all mankind. Nopey nope peeps bad idea. When all the dust settles and in the long term the allies and Guantanamo Bay are not going to be on the right side of history.

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