• Yes, it hurts innocent people.

    Yes, in some circumstances, torture is bad. Torture is bad if an innocent person is kidnapped. A person's emotional situation can be torture. A person can be tortured by their past. These things are all torture and they are bad. Torture can be a good thing, in war, if it protects innocent people. But when it happens to innocent people, it is bad.

  • Torture is bad.

    Torture is bad. Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or psychological pain and possibly injury to a person (or animal), usually to one who is physically restrained or otherwise under the torturers control or custody and unable to defend against what is being done to them. This should not be tolerated or allowed by anyone.

  • Yes, it dehumanizes both sides.

    It seems like a silly question because of course no one of us would want to be tortured. It is inhuman treatment and takes away the humanity of the one doing it as well as the one getting it. However, certain types of imprisonment might be necessary in certain types of situations.

  • Yes, torture is bad and unethical.

    Yes, torture is unethical and is very cruel. It has a long history is all societies, but remains controversial because of human and civil rights. It somehow speaks to how far, as humans, we have evolved when we have all of this 'technology' but still revert back to these ways of torture. Our people of the world have suffered enough, by several means of torture, not just physical.

  • All Human Suffering is Bad

    Any form of torture is bad--human suffering at the hands of another person is horrible no matter how insignificant the torture. From beating to waterboarding, torture of another soul isn't justified at all. How can one human being revel in the pain of another? Torture's short-term effects may be worth it to gather intel, but the longer-term effects are detrimental to the human condition because those traits can be passed from one generation to the next in a continuous cycle of abuse.

  • Torture is ineffective

    It's impossible to leave the cruelty of torture out of the question, but I'm sure we can all agree that yes, it is cruel. Torture need not only be physical, there are many psychiatric forms of torture that can leave lasting mental scars as well. Regardless of what form it takes, though, it's been determined that torture only gets your tortured to say whatever they think you want to hear to make the torture stop, rather than the truth.

  • Against human rights

    No human deserves to be tortured. Everyone has equal right to stay happy. You can't take torture someone. Torturing means making somones life horrible and making them feel the pain. Putting them in a state where they can't bear it anymore and lose any sense of sanity. And according to me no one deserves that.

  • Torture is unethical

    While people deserve to be punished for their crimes, torture involves immense physical pain to be inflicted on a person, such pain that they have unlikely given to others. The people doing the torture are therefore no better, and perhaps a lot worse than those committing the crimes. Punishment should be by imprisonment, or the death penalty with the least physical pain possible.

  • Yes it is.

    Well, I am sure if you ask the person being tortured, they will definitely tell you it is bad. We are a civilized society and there has to be a better way to get information out of people. Whatever happened to truth serum? Does it not work? If not we need to develop something better.

  • It is not bad.

    Torture is not bad. There are many times where it is a necessary thing. If torturing one person can save thousands or more people lives, no one would say that it was bad for torturing one person. If people have vital information that they will not give up, they should be tortured.

  • You stupid ignorant asshole fucking twat

    Torture is a necessity you biggots. How else is someone gonna tell me where they hid the fucking poptarts in the work room? You think they're just gonna tell me? No, I gotta fucking strap those fuckers down and water board the shit out of them until they tell me what they did with them.

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