• Change is good.

    Traditions are not static. They are constantly evolving with time. New generations bring new thoughts, new ideas, new ways of doing things. However, we rarely recognize this as positive change within the context of culture and traditions. We always talk about, "losing our traditions," instead of what we have gained or ways that traditions have changed for the better. We seem to separate technological advances and new and innovated thinking as something that is separate from culture and traditions…However, is it because of culture and traditions that progress is possible.

    When we forget about the importance of how culture impacts change, we live in fear.
    We limit our progress when we hold on to traditions that don't make sense anymore. When the traditions are oppressive and hurt our people rather then help them.
    When we don't question ourselves and ask…“Why is this tradition still important? How does this tradition help our family, our culture, our way of life.” Why we did things the way we did, 50 or 40 years ago may not make sense today. Is there a better way? Instead of fearing change, we need to embrace it. Instead of blaming the younger generations for not learning the older traditions, we need to embrace them for what they know and what they hold as values and find ways to create new traditions that will include them, instead of outcast them.

    The traditions that have changed and adapted through the generations are the only ones that are going to live on forever. We need not hide behind our traditions. We need not judge others for breaking traditions. We need not let the younger generations carry the burden of "losing our traditions.” Rather, lets us embrace the natural evolution of culture and traditions. Let us hold onto the traditions that still make sense today and let go of the ones that are hindering progression toward a healthier happier human existence.

  • Tradition keeps us from advancing

    Tradition is about thinking about how people in the past lived and using that as a guideline to our lives. I don't see the benefit of this, because, if we keep trying to live in the past, we distance ourselves from the gradual change happening in society. Tradition can often be perceived as good purely because of nostalgia. If it was so good back then, then why has society changed? It's like saying "I miss the days when we were just homo erectus. We sure had it right back then." People often think that the familiar is better and that different is bad; we should change that perspective.

  • Yes I believe traditions are an obstacle progress because they become our problems.

    They become our problems in this way suppose if we follow the traditions that girls after marriage must not go out the house in this world at present these women are the best home-maker and also the best business women's. If we go on following this traditions we fail to live. They are just a thought in our mind been flashing all the time to follow because of our past.

  • Tradition is an obstacle to progress

    Tradition promotes one to stay the same, keeping a custom and opposing change. Change is usually required for progress and tradition prevents this. Tradition keeps one in their comfort zone and forces them to continue that tradition, as it was passed on to them and will be passed on to others. Without traditions, people may have advanced much further.

  • Traditions are no more pious religious necessities .

    Today religion has been mutilated into so many different acts of superficiality that the word "tradition" has lost meaning in some sense. It is somehow said that the unwritten laws of time are meant to be followed . These laws have been named tradition. These shallow and in some sense illogical laws are licensed ways of hurting the weaker sections of society namely the lower class, the women ,etc. These traditions are now more of taboo if not followed .So braise yourself to be an outcast if you don't follow in the absurd footsteps of our so called wise and all-knowing ancestors.

  • Progressive minds are the way for change.

    Tradition can definitely get in the way of change. Many people get "stuck in their ways" and are incredibly afraid of change. While it is important to hold onto our traditions to a certain extent, people must also realize that it is only through change that we can grow into our full potential. Some people will never reach that because they are stuck in their traditions.

  • Yes. I believe traditions can be an obstacle.

    I will say that I don't believe all traditions are an obstacle to progress, but they can be. Would it be considered a tradition for a male to be a priest, or for only men to play football? It really depends on how much of a factor gender roles, sexual orientation, and other aspects play into "tradition." By my conclusion, I do believe that many people consider the male being the priest a tradition. I do believe that people consider one man and one woman in a marriage a tradition. And if that is the case, yes, it gets in the way of progress.

  • Tradition Can Be An Obstacle To Progress

    I think that tradition, if followed too closely, can be and obstacle to progress. Tradition, used a reasonable guideline for life, can be very helpful. The problem with tradition comes when new and appropriate responses to life are not able to be implemented because traditions are adhered to too closely.

  • It is, and in its religious form, it often comes with a long trail of blood.

    Most Bad traditions find their roots in Abrahamic religion, and religious-based traditions have long been an obstacle in path of evolving societies.
    Dismissing the horrific reality of religion, in favor of Faith and political correctness, is the difference between our regressive religious societies, and that of the socially-advanced, peace loving Scandinavians.

  • Traditions are no good for us:

    In the first occasion If we talk about traditions, we have to know what is? The tradition is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation or the fact of being passed on in this way. I believe that traditions are rocks in our way. Besides if we don't see the problem that exists in our community.Therefore to improve our future we have to leave all our customs because are like stereotypes.

  • Traditions make us who we are.

    I understand that with modern day life comes modern day thinking, but is it really a good thing to forgot from whence we came? Traditions are what makes a people. You can't just disregard them and expect the people to accept it, or to change for the better. Yes, in the times we live in, some traditions do hold us back from reaching a higher potential, but most are legacies! To just disregard them for the sake of progress is deplorable. Don't be so eager to forget who you are and where you came from, because this is what molds you into the person you are .

    So abolish the ridiculous ones by all means, but be mindful of what you seek to destroy in the name of progress. Remember, progress isn't necessarily a good thing.

    Posted by: Eres
  • Traditions are no good for us:

    In the first occasion If we talk about traditions, we have to know what is? The tradition is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation or the fact of being passed on in this way. I believe that traditions are rocks in our way. Besides if we don't see the problem that exists in our community.Therefore to improve our future we have to leave all our customs because are like stereotypes.

  • Tradition is not an obstacle to progress

    Tradition is a way of promoting progress . One cannot call tradition as an obstacle to progress.Tradition marks one's identity.Traditions have the capability to bring people together . Progress can not be hampered by a mere set of traditions . In today's world humans can differentiate between traditions and superstitions .Elimination of traditions cannot promote progress and hence one cannot say that traditions impede progress.

  • You learn from the past

    Traditions are effectively a societies way of remembering something. If we forget our past we will repeat the mistakes we have previously made. Saying that, some traditions that are corrupt or stem from a corruption of an event or individual should be scrapped. We need to carefully examine our past and our traditions in order to progress.

  • No,tradition is not an obstacle to progress

    Tradition always leads us in a right path.Moreover it corrects the people to pursue in correct manner.The progress lies in the minds of the people and the tasks done to achieve our goal and we should not blame the tradition for not achieving our task.
    And tradition is like a safeguard that corrects one person not to do any wrong things to reach any target.
    So,it lies in the hands of the people to use tradition in a right way.

  • Progress and tradition are complementary to each other

    Without tradition art is a flock of sheep,without a shepherd , and without innovation it is like a corpse! The same applies to the human sole and thus we should accept traditions as a guide and if they pose a difficulty , modifications are welcome but completely amputating them from our lives is not a wise decision......As the soil,however rich it may be,cannot produce without cultivation,SO THE MIND WITHOUT CULTURE WILL NEVER PRODUCE GOOD FRUIT!

  • You need to start somewhere

    Before I get into the knitty gritty side of this debate, I would like to illuminate the official Oxford Dictionary definition for both traditions and progress.
    The official Oxford Dictionary definition for progress is “Forward or onward movement towards a destination.” If we read between the lines of this definition, it is stating that if say society wants , or destination as described in the definition, is flying cars, then we will work towards this goal or destination.
    The official Oxford Dictionary definition for traditions is “The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.” This definition is stating that generations pass traditions down the line to keep the belief alive. Lets use the example of birthdays , yes not everybody celebrates them but it seems like a pretty logical example. We shall use an paragraph help us understand this better, and so I don't get you tied up in my logical skills.
    Marvins parents dont celebrate birthdays so Marvin grows up not celebrating them either. When Marvin has kids , he will supposedly teach them not to celebrate birthdays and so on and so forth.

    Everyone needs to start somewhere, be it the top of blank page with a pen in your hand or the start of a 25 chapter book. Traditions give us some kind of enlightenment of what our ancestors and family believes in and how we celebrate it.

    Think of traditions as a blank new sheet of paper. Your parents might fold this into an airplane to go off to say , Australia every christmas. Once you grow up and have a family of your own , you might fold this idea of taking your family on a holiday into a boat and take them on cruise.
    I can see a lot of blank faces so I will explain it in a less cryptic manner.
    Traditions are what you celebrate and what you pass down to your younger family members. Because everyone's lives are different and we live in different circumstances not everyone will celebrate the same idea in the same way.

    I would like to close my argument with a quote by Gustav Mahler; Tradition is not to preserve the ashes , but to pass on the flame .


  • Tradition is not an obstacle to progress.

    Only the humans who have inserted various rites and rituals for their means and purposes are spoiling the name of our tradition. The tradition is actually just keeping faith in god and doing right that's it . Its too simple to follow but when we do rituals it gives us inner peace but that's when the matter goes above our head and it gets complicated.In reality tradition is no harm to progress but actually speaking it supports progress and gives hope to the people who have lost faith in themselves,it tells them that may be your tomorrow is better than the life you lead today or the presentation or even the amount of money you earned today.
    That's all folks- A.P.

  • Help in better life.

    Tradition allows us to lead a better and a happy life.
    It many helped many to as to do as much as possible keeps one responsible... Yes it is required as it so follow it to lead a happy and joyful life to work hard and cherish it to the fullest

  • Traditions need to be kept intact

    Of course if in a less-modern society, one was to call every practice "tradition" and refuse to change anything for the sake of tradition, the society would not move forward at all. However, this is not normally the case. Important traditions which are held sacred will always be kept in tact and will hardly interfere with progress.

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