• It's something not everybody affords, but tries to achieve.

    In order to have the false idea that they are as rich like others, poor people save money for traveling. Compare the average US citizen's income with the average Albanian citizen, for instance. So they work hard and save that money in order to feel and show rich. But most of the times, the ones you compare to do not afford travelling either. And so it goes...

    Posted by: trv1
  • Travelling is Absolutely a Waste of Money

    (1) This is money that can otherwise feed many in need. Imagine how many people are dying of hunger this very minute. Spread the wealth to those in need.
    (2) This money can also be used to invest in a home, help a family member, help out in the community.
    (3) Travelling leads to a lot of unnecessary pollution. We are and we will pay for the effects of this pollution in our environment.
    (4) Time spent travelling could be used to do so much other worthy things, in turn leading to further waste due to "Opportunity Cost."
    (5) Travelling won't buy you happiness - travel companies and similar beneficiaries will want you to believe that. It's what derives consumerism in a Capitalist society. You can find true happiness inside of you, and only you can do that. You don't need to move an inch or spent any money to do it.

  • Travelling is inessential

    There are so many ways to treat yourself. The money spent on travelling could have been invested in mutual funds, stock markets, etc. You can enjoy the return on your investment later. Travel gets really expensive. People who travel for leisure simply do not understand the value of life. Particularly for the youth, they should focus on building their future instead of enjoying the moment.

  • You can do almost anything in your home country that you can do abroad, and for much cheaper too.

    Let's be honest here, the vast majority of people who travel abroad do so only o they can brag about how they've been there, in reality you can do almost anything in your home country (hell maybe even your home town) that you could do abroad, you could use the argument that you can't go on safari or "indulge in foreign culture" in your home country, but in reality I don't think getting driven around the African countryside or eating in an overpriced tourist trap pizza parlour in Italy is really worth the hundreds of pounds/dollars etc it would cost to both get to these places and put yourself up for several nights.

  • You can do almost everything in your home country that you can do abroad.

    Let's face it, the main reson people travel to a foreign country is to brag about how they've been there, in reality all peple really do when they go to another country is take photos of foreign landmarks and "enduldge in the local culture" or in other words pay stupid money for a touristy dish/experience which you could hae proably found in your own country (hell probably even in your home town/city)

  • Traveling is amazing.

    I'm 17 years old and I have traveled all over asia for long periods of time. I didn't stay in resorts i stayed with locals or in cheap hotels. Going to a resort in mexico for 2 weeks and getting drunk is not traveling that is just a waist of money.

  • Travelling is a waste of resources

    The amount of money and effort spent on travelling could have been used in better ways such as helping others or doing investment. People who travel for leisure simply do not understand the value of life. Particularly for the youth, they should focus on building their future instead of enjoying the moment.

  • Travelling is a waste of resources

    The amount of money and effort spent on travelling could have been used in better ways such as helping others or doing investment. People who travel for leisure simply do not understand the value of life. Particularly for the youth, they should focus on building their future instead of enjoying the moment.

  • Self indulgent with no yield

    We are living in an era where the middle class is shrinking. Not because of banks or politicians but because of overspending and self-indulgence. The obsession with travel is a symptom. $5000 could be spent on an RRSP or TFSA or house. Travelers scoff and say " you could be dead tomorrow!" but the reality is most people in the first world will live into their 80-90's and at that age if you have not saved you will be the first one in line at the food banks begging or living in a slum like East Hastings, Vancouver. Quality of life diminishes rapidly and severely when you can't afford basic necessities, but hey you'll have memories of Thailand.

  • Don't like where you live? Save money to move!

    Travel is something that people pressure you into. Destination weddings are the WORST! There are so many ways to treat yourself, but what's one way to stress out the people in the family who actually pay for things, ensure you don't invest in the local economy, and don't get anything tangible out of it? Travel!

    But what about the "experience"???!!! Do you really think that you're going to get to know a culture or make long lasting friends in a week's time? The ONLY time when travel is worth it is when you are going to visit somebody you already know. You have people there to interact with, possibly a place to stay for free, and you keep already special familial / friendly / romantic bonds nurtured this way, but that is the ONLY travel (other than for business, which really goes without saying) that makes any sense.

  • It gives you perspective

    By travelling you get to see how other civilisations live and see lifestyle much different that your own. It shows how lucky you are to live in the place you do and teaches you to be grateful for what you have.

    You only have one time on this planet why would you limit yourself to one part of the world. If you're saving for a house you're wasting your money. Live minimally and have more freedom. I'd rather travel all the time instead of having a huge mortgage with more room than I need to impress people I don't.

    We have the luxury of being able to travel so don't ignore this privilege and take advantage. People that don't travel often grow up to be very narrow minded people because they only know their own world.

    They might see movies but you can't understand how they live until you live among them.

    Screw the norm, if you want to travel do it. It's not even that expensive.

    BTW I'm not talking about travelling to mexico and getting a tan at a resort.
    That 's a waste of money and it won't teach you shit. Go travel to asia or Europe and jump around from city to city and indulge yourself in the culture.

  • As long as you have your priorities straight.

    You hear this all the time, but who knows what will happen tomorrow. I am 25, successful, have a great full time job as an accountant. But who knows where I will be a few years down the line. I could be jobless or I could have a manager position and making big money. Either way.. Life happens and you want to enjoy it when you can. Traveling has never been big with me but i recently realized that life is short and while we (meaning not just me, i include everyone) work every day to save, provide, keep up with society. We forget to enjoy ourselves.

    Life really is short and I think spending money to travel is something that everyone should do. The people who say it's a waste have never been on a real vacation. I'm not saying you need to spend an absurd amount of money, but money is what it is. It's made and used so we can enjoy our lives. I save a lot but once in a while i decide i need to enjoy my life because after all.. YOU ARE NEVER GUARANTEED ANOTHER DAY ON THIS EARTH. Enjoy your time when you can but definitely plan for the future.

  • Not at all

    Unless you're neglecting other bills and necessities, traveling is not a waste of money. The experience may be short term and expensive, but the memories last a life time. Also it gives one the chance to rejuvenate from the stresses of daily life and to see and experience new places and new cultures.

  • No, traveling broadens one as a person.

    Travel is hardly ever a waste of money. Even going from one state to another helps give someone a broader perspective that will make them less bigoted and more open minded. Going to another country, by extension, is often a true eye opener and contributes toward us becoming a global world with fewer prejudices and boundaries.

  • Let's look at the facts

    People say money doesn't buy you happiness but in some cases that isn't true. It depends on how you spend it. Studies show that money spent on others and on traveling actually does make people happy., so if you have the money, spend it on those two things and you will be happier than if you spent it on materialistic things.

  • Depends on your goals

    It all depends down to what the purpose is, if it's to experience culture and to understand our world, then definitely no, as long as the luxuries you use during travel (e.G. First class ticket, 5 star hotel) is reasonable. In fact, I would like to see more people having a journey across the world to not only understand their own culture, but see outside their biased understandings of the world; to understand different people as not only culturally different, but also part of our world, part of our world culture, part of a race of humans. I hope you understand my meaning.

    Posted by: Mbhn

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