• Trolling is fun

    Trolling is fun and gives you a laugh who doesn't love to troll once and awhile. If you don't troll then you are no fun -_-. And when you do troll you always laugh. =) and you smoky bear you have have trolled once and awhile. One more thing MeargleSchmergle you are the man

  • It can be quite funny

    As trolling rarely affects the mental health of a person, it is rather funny. I can probably name more than 5,000 trolling videos on many different games that I could not stop laughing about. It is acceptable as A. It doesnt really harm anything (unless gamer has a short attitude, then RIP ps3) and B. A lot of the times people laugh about it, a LOT. If people as a whole aren't shunning it on youtube, is it acceptable? I think so.

  • Fuk no i agre with smokeybear

    Wat r u drunk, imma folkin tel u sumthin bout this her trollin son only the trillest of the trill can dank up ur mums memes. Get that? U cant reach this lvl of swagocity. Get gud ked. Dont b also meargleschmeargle can dik upa waffle iron. Peace out plebs, remember get gud be4 u take on the champ. Trollin is only for the trillest uv the trolls.

  • Counterproductive, Worthless, Disrespectful

    Trolling is the absolute worst thing imaginable for a website like Debate.Org. These trolls have no opinions themselves and are only motivated by causing a struggle for others. They do this by sharing false and arbitrary arguments and opinions. Trolls play both sides of an argument--not for the purpose of knowledge, but for the purpose of personal entertainment at the expense of others.

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