• Trump's criticism is too harsh

    Donald Trump's criticism of the Khan family is too harsh. Their son died while defending the country. Trump's immediate response to anyone that is critical of him is to insult them. He assumed the soldier's mother was not allowed to speak, but it is not based on facts. Politically, he made it worse on himself.

  • Trump is Being Too Harsh

    Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is being to harsh on the Khan family for their remarks at the Democratic National Convention. A Gold Star family, lost their son during his tour of duty in the Iraq war. Donald Trump originally attacked Mr. Khan for being a Muslim and questioning if he had read the US Constitution. Both of these were important things to ask a candidate who wants to be the leader of the free world. Donald trumps reaction was overly harsh and unfeeling to a family that has made the ultimate sacrifice. He did not answer Mr. Khan's question, has he read the Constitution of the United states. the Constitution also guarantees freedom from religious persecution, Donald Trump attacked the Khan's for practicing their Muslim faith.

  • Trump is being too harsh in his criticism of the Khan family because regardless of what they said about him, as a presidential candidate, he is out of line attacking a Gold Star family for any reason.

    Trump is being too harsh in his criticism of the Khan family because Mr. Khan's words about Trump during his speech at the Democratic National Convention weren't necessarily malicious, and Trump also has no place criticizing the Khans after they made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation when their son died serving in the U.S. Army. The Khan family's appearance at the DNC was politics as usual, and Trump shouldn't have taken it so personally and lashed out at them so inappropriately.

  • Trump's criticism of the Khan family is too harsh

    Trump politicized the Khan family without merit. He said terrible things about them and should be censured for doing so. The Khan family gave this country the ultimate sacrifice : their son, for a country they loved deeply. Trump's comments about the Khan family are disrespectful and he should be forced to apologize.

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