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  • Look at the numbers before his election.

    First of all this economy was already doing good before trump took office. It because it still under obama policy still. Any new President policy don't actually take place until a year. So tell me how economy look next year at this time. Then we can see if he actually doing a great job or not. You can't judge trump with the economy right now, if the company's already had plans to hire way before he took office. Second if he going to have a trade war with china you can say bye bye to the economy, if you look around the Chinese product is everywhere, so it will truly hurt the economy. Then we have the tax plan which he hasn't look at yet. Plus having the US pay for the wall is stupid, and a other broken promise. We haven't even talk about what he will do with north korea, because any thing military will be stupid. Unless the north strike 1st, but they wont. So trump has a up hill climb if he want to be somewhat good at being a President.

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