• Yes, I believe that Donald Trump running for president is good for Democrats.

    Yes, I believe that Donald Trump running for president is good for Democrats because Donald Trump has insulted Hispanics, women, Muslims and disabled people, and many Americans think he is racist and bigoted. I think that Hillary Clinton will soundly defeat Donald Trump because she Clinton appeals to a large variety of people.

  • Trump will benefit Democrats

    Donald Trump's run for president will be a boon for Democrats. Many will see the party, including presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, as the voice of reason. His outlandish statements will also help Democratic Congressional candidates, who will be seen as opposition to his views. This is why many of his fellow Republicans are trying to distance themselves from Trump.

  • It's the gift that keeps on giving

    Donald Trump running for the presidency is almost a gift wrapped in a beautiful package for the democrats. Who could dream up such a messy, arrogant, sexist, narcissistic, undisciplined candidate. He says and does anything he wants without so much as a thought of decorum. He appeals to the inner fears of the white underclass, who are being bamboozled by him. In no way does he relate to them. He only uses them for his own gain. It's pathetic but good for the democrats.

  • Only if the Democrats Unite.

    Donald Trump running for president may seem like a joke but it is no joke. He has the charisma of Adolf Hitler and he has a following that would make Hitler proud. The Democrats are in real danger of losing if they cannot unite their party. Hillary Clinton alone cannot defeat Trump. If she has Bernie Sanders as her running mate then nothing will be able to stand in their way. If they pull that third party crap then Donald will win.

  • I'm a cheater

    Writing this four days after the result of the election is known. Nonetheless it still seems like the arguments in the yes column should have been right. (still got 20 or so words left! Bill Maher tonight raises hope, as ever. Worth being a liberal if only for the humor).

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