Is Trump's blatent disregard of the military going to cost him the election?

  • it's very unamerican

    Donald Trump's blatent disrespect of a military family in mourning will not be forgotten at the ballot box. We as a country may not always do the right thing for veterans due to bureaucracy but if there is one thing etched in stone, it is that we all respect and honor our fallen heroes. I don't care if you are Republican or Democrat we all stand tall and salute our soldiers who have paid the ultimate price.

  • Yes, Trump's blatent disregard of the military will cost him the election.

    Yes, Donald Trump's disregard and disrespect just might ultimately do him in this November. A large constituency of the Republican Party is traditionally military, and with Trump's incredibly disrespectful remarks about John McCain as well as several other loud-mouth comments that undermine the men and women who serve in the military, he might fail to pickup votes from these folks.

  • He has too many issues in general.

    Trump won't lose the election because of his blatant disregard of the military. Rather, he will lose the election because he says inappropriate things. He complains about women and crying babies at his speeches. He makes fun of minority groups that he doesn't like. It is things like that that will cost him the election, not his stance on the military.

  • No, but his hair will.

    Trump's disregard for the military is the least of the things that will cost him the election. He's unfiltered, which I like about him, but most people don't. He's a business man and not really a politician. And well, he has bad hair, too. It doesn't look too good for Trump at all.

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