• Turkey is full of conflict

    The coup attempt that happened recently only serves to highlight the troubles that Turkey is having. It is a tumultuous time for this country, and with the influx in refugees, there is even more stress on the government. Soon Turkey will go the way of other countries in the Middle East.

  • Yes, Turkey is the next country that could fall in the Middle East.

    There is a very strong possibility that Turkey could be the next Middle Eastern country to fall. The country has been destabilized by recent ISIS terrorists attacks, as well as the civil war in neighboring Syria. The refugee crisis threatens to further plunge the nation into turmoil. Furthermore, the failed coup attempt will likely lead to more instability inside Turkey. All of these things have created ideal conditions that threaten the Turkish government.

  • Turkey will not be the next country to fall in the Middle East.

    Turkey is strategically very important in the battle against Isis and other evil forces in the Middle East. The United States of America has a large military presence in Turkey and will keep the country from falling as others have. Although violence in Turkey is likely to continue, it will not ultimately fall into the hands of terrorists.

  • No, Turkey is not the next country to fall in the Middle East

    No, Turkey is not the next country to fall in the Middle East. Even though there was a coup attempt, the situation in Turkey is not as volatile as it is in other Middle Eastern countries and was at the time that they fell. Turkey is much different from Syria.

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