• Yes, Turkey has been growing an increasingly unstable political climate

    Yes, Turkey is in the midst of a political collapse. Following the resignation of the Prime Minister in May, the President of the country (known for primarily holding an office of ceremony rather than function) has taken strides to seize more power. As a result, riots have broken out and military coups have started. This violence is in addition to the conflict Turkey is receiving from Syria and the Islamic State. At the end of June, Istanbul saw once of the most violent attacks in recent history, killing 45 people. All of this points to a variety of unrest the country is experiencing.

  • Yes it is.

    Turkey is experiencing a great deal of problems. For years the government in Turkeey has been authoritative and oppressive, to the point that they have gone so far as to ban certain social media cites, including YouTube. The people are tired of this as evidenced by the recent failed coup.

  • No, Turkey is not in danger of a political collapse.

    Turkey has gone through serious tumult throughout the past few weeks, but the political leadership has brought the situation back under control. The military has been purged and there are efforts underway to root out the instigators of the insurrection. The president continues to consolidate power and is moving the country away from widespread collapse.

  • No, Turkey is not near a political collapse.

    No, the government of Turkey under President Erdogan is not on the verge of political collapse despite the recent coup d'etat failing. From all reports, the military's attempt to overthrow Erdogan failed miserably, and the president is now purging the military of any collaborators. It is doubtful that any dissenters to his government will have the numbers to strike back effectively. Also, much of the population is suspicious of Western influence behind the coup, particularity from the U.S. If they did have Western support, they certainly don't anymore.

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