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  • Hello world cats

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  • To think for the real world

    Tv can support lots of futures like dancing, acting and singing ect. Your kids is been inspired by tv. Kids get education from the tv it can bring new words to there brain and that can do development to there brains. The great thing about Tv is hat it soots all ages.

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  • I don't plan to go to stone age, so of course I accept the technological advacncement with ease.

    Being rebel or carrying out a revolution is of course a part of establishing a new idea that may be brand new or in place of existing one .The technical revolution that will sweep throughout world within next decade
    will perhaps leave a single people saying that TV is bad. Its people themselves are bad who dont know to make the proper use of TV or any other technology.
    To refuse technology (TV is a part of it) is like saying. Hey yo ma-ma lets go to stone age .

  • Yes no yes

    I think tv can be good or bad. It is good for kids that don't go to school, they can learn so much from a show. My little girl loves to watch a show called Daniel tiger, she learns so much from it. She learns how to act when she gets mad. So cute.

  • TV is good in moderations

    I honestly do not watch that much television these days, but I do not see how watching some television is really going to do any harm. As long as someone does not watch too much television and literally spend every moment of their every day life just sitting around watching.

  • Informative, Inspiring and Funny

    Not all television is bad. Television can be informative with many science shows on several cable channels. TV can also be inspiring as medical shows reveal how courageous patients battle certain diseases. Comedies on the "big three" networks give us a laugh on a nightly basis. There are many good facets to television as viewers can escape the real world for a little while.

  • TV can be good

    TV, when used in moderation, can be good because it can open up people to new experiences. It can also expose people to new culture, ideas, and new ways of thinking. It can also be used as a healthy distraction. However, it should not be used in excess or watched all the time.

  • TV is not good or bad

    Television needs to be taken for what it is, a source of entertainment. It should not be viewed any differently then that. It is not good and it is not bad, it just is. There are many people who get enjoyment from the television and many people that want nothing to do with it.

  • TV is Mostly Garbage

    While television can be entertaining, a lot of the programs on now are complete garbage. Television is more focused upon rotting our brains than really educating or captivating us. Better programming needs to be made available to Americans in order to fix this problem. Otherwise, we'll continue watching utter nonsense.

  • No, With Current National and Global Issues, TV is a Distraction

    TV was once an important communication tool, which has now been superseded by the internet. At this point, TV is just another distraction from the real issues going on in the world today, and since these issues seem to be mounting rather than dissolving, distraction can be a dangerous part of the problem. Media like the internet that encourages thought and participation is a great alternative that can bring people together and hopefully one day contribute to the solution to many current social problems.

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