• Yes she is

    I mean look at her. Her only purpose is to make them suffer with no reason. At least Voldemort has normal reasons to kill. She has a trauma or something and she makes it pay to happy kids like Harry. I mean she has no mercy! How can be a person be more horrible! She loves making people suffer and uses the "Order" excuse for justifying her actions.

  • She is just terrible.

    That's it. I'd really rather work as a death eater than for that toad any day. She is literally the WORST. With her, "I WILL HAVE ORDER" ewwwwwwwww she is my least favorite person in the world! And she doesn't even EXIST! H E L P M E! ! Blegh

  • Umbridge is FRICKIN' EVIL!

    Umbride... Is not the bad guy of the Harry Potter series. In fact, she works for the ministry of magic. But just something about her... Gives me the hibbi jibbies. Something like... Her MAKING PEOPLE USE PENS THAT DIG INTO THEIR SKIN! Just a paper-cut from a book stings. But having a magical pen dig into your hand and say "I WILL NOT TELL LIES" is terrible to think about. Sure. Voldemort kills people with his magical wand, but he was taken down by a 2 year old!

  • Voldemort is like evil

    Umbridge is a witch, Voldemort has control of an amry, he wants to take over the world while she wants order. She cruelly punishes but voldemort tortures and murders innocents. Who do you think is eviller, someone who wants order or someone who wants to start a war in the wizarding world?

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