• Yes, USA gymnastics is on the verge of a dynasty

    Yes, USA gymnastics is on the verge of a dynasty, at least the women gymnasts. These gymnasts are some of the best in the world and keep winning gold medals in the Olympic competitions. Some of the women from this year's Olympics will probably be there next year. Furthermore, they will have new high quality gymnasts that are hard to beat.

  • USA gymnastics is on the verge of a dynasty

    USA gymnastics is on the verge of a dynasty. This is because the girls on the team now are perhaps the best the US has ever had represent them. Even China and Russia, who are usually hard to beat, fell to the side as the US racked up points for near-perfection.

  • No, the use of the death penalty is not justified.

    Applying the death penalty serves no function in terms of serving justice, as justice is not a matter of revenge. Killing someone because they killed someone else does not do justice to the families and friends of the victim. Those people deserve to have the chance to let go of their pain and hurt so that they can truly heal themselves. Revenge is only a temporary salve on a long term wound.

  • Olympic dynasties not allowed

    No, the USA gymnastics is not on the verge of a dynasty. Granted the gymnastics team and organization in the U.S. is very dominant at the moment. However, this only encourages other countries to push harder to topple those at the top. There will eventually be another country able to dominate in the gymnastics arena.

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