Is using the N word if you are not African-American/Black racist? Are there exceptions?

Asked by: Amphia
  • The word is racist, but not necessarily the person using it

    The person using the word might not be a racist, but the use of the word has a racist effect due to the connotations the word has.

    Black people shouldn't use the word either. No, you cannot "reclaim" it. It has too ugly of a reputation. The only way the n word gets reclaimed is if people stop using it for a long enough period of time so that students in English classes will stumble upon the word in a novel, raise their hands, and ask their teachers what it means. Then maybe it can be reclaimed and used by white people and black people, just so long as people don't start using it to put down black people all over again.

    In the meantime there is no reason to use the word, except maybe in some scholarly settings such as a linguist giving a lecture on the history of racial slurs or a psychologist studying the effects of hearing slurs or the psychology of those who use them.

  • Though I don't think those whom say it are always racist...

    When you use a group of people as an insult it puts them (Including all the individuals) on the same or worse level as what you are insulting.

    Black people shouldn't use it either, as words don't belong to certain people.

    This goes for all slurs, and is why I do my best to never use them even when I dislike or disagree with a group.

  • It depends on the context

    So long as you dont use in a derogatory or demeaning matter than its fine to say. As long as you dont use it as an insult or a way to attack someone then it isnt racist and is available for you to use. It all depends on how you use it

  • There are no exceptions

    Unless you can get the whole African-American/Black society to be fine with being called the N word, I think that it should be treated like the F word, and not said at all. Although some people do use the F word, it should not be used at all. What do you guys think?

  • I think there are some exceptions

    It all depends on context to be honest. If you are friends with a black person (and you yourself are black) and you both understand that when you call them the N word it is not to be racist, then it's okay (in my opinion). As long as you have an understanding that it is being used as a term of endearment and not racism, it's not racist. Preferably, I'd rather nobody use it but that's not up to me. What do you guys think?

  • There are exceptions.

    To me, there is nothing wrong with judging a person by their actions. If your a person who fits the stereotype by your actions, you deserve to be labeled as such. Using it in that context does not make you racist as your not using the label for all of that race but just those that deserve to be degraded.

  • Depends on the context

    To be used as an insult, it is incredibly racist.

    If a word is used to offend someone, it's a bad word. But if it's used as not an insult (rare outside of black communities, I'd assume), it's just like any other word.

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