• Commercialized money maker

    This is just a way for commercial businesses to make money out of people who feel are lacking in their relationships. It also makes people who are not in relationships feel alone and unwanted, neither of these things should be supported as a holiday or whatever you want to call it

  • Valentines day is stupid

    Valentines day is a day dedicated to the commercialization of love. From an anthropological standpoint, it makes love appear to be a tangible item that can be purchased or earned. Furthermore, should every day not be a day to display your love and affection to the ones you hold dear? It is making love into something that generates a profit. The flowers and candy are a non-permanent fleeting joy, perhaps speaking to the true nature of the giver, or how they feel that love should be dropped the second it turns into a burden. It is completely destroying our civilization. We will all die out because of valentines day, leaving rabbits to rule the earth once more.

  • It's a Perfect Idea but the Companies Have Ruined it.

    I love the idea of Valentine's Day but the way companies have made it has made me hate it. They have made it into a money grabbing day about taking your money and putting it in thier pockets. I get that I may look like the same people who hate this holiday, I don't hate it, I love it. But you know companies make it worse for others. Men make your own gift for your lover, same goes for you ladies. I would rather have it as a day to share love then show love.

  • It is stupid

    It enforces these gender roles even further. You have to buy all different types of things and drain your wallet. A good day could cost you a couple hundred bucks or more. But then women say there is a pay gap and they dont make as much as men. Ohhh but you arent the one spending all your money on stupid and worthless holidays are ya

  • It's very stupid

    It's completely one-sided towards women. It creates unnecessary stress. Restaurants, chocolate, card and flower stores gouge their customers. I don't celebrate it and if I had a partner who insisted on celebrating, I would dump her for that reason. If women are truly interested in fairness and equality, they would have to be in favor of boycotting Valentine's Day.

  • Because you waste money.

    You could be using your money for something better in life. Save up instead of getting practically worthless paper, flowers that will die in under 5 weeks, a bear your "valentine" will get bored of in weeks, and fattening chocolate. Seriously this is coming from a cynical 13 year old.

  • Money waster people

    Ok so on this day you have to buy someone you love stupidly expensive garbage that they will run through in a day AND THEN THE SALES PEOPLE JUST KNOCK UP THE PRICES AND ITS LIKE OK I WANT A ROOF OVER MY HEAD RATHER THEN DEAL WITH BEING POOR. Thank you

  • Overly commercialized and utterly pointless

    If you're gonna believe in the cliche that Vday is a day set aside for the spirit of love, then what about the cliche that everyday should be Vdae instead of just one day? It makes my blood boil. Go to a market/supermarket and even in there the day-to-day flowers are more expensive. Coincidence? Come on people, think.

  • I don't celebrate Valentines day

    I think its a waste of time celebrating Valentines day. Valentiens day is overrated. Spending a lot of money for a present to show someone u. Love them is a waste of money. To me they are trying to buy your affection. U don't need a special day to show son one someone u care about. U should someone that is special to u that u love them all the time .

  • It is very stupid!!!!

    I've given valentine's gifts in the past to girls and it never went any where, I always felt stupid doing it. No more will I do it again, I'm working on a lady now to give me a chance to just date and be friends and I sure will not mess it up with Valentine's day! I will never celebrate that day ever!!!!

  • No, Valentine 's Day is not a stupid holiday.

    I think it is great we have a day set aside to celebrate the spirit of love. Love is a powerful and great thing in life. We should observe it in all forms whether it is the love for a partner, friend, pet, or family member and spend sometime with them.

  • Not Stupid, Just Overrated

    Valentine's Day isn't a stupid holiday, it's just overrated. The success or failure of Valentine's Day is a myth perpetuated by contemporary consumer-based industries such as florists, chocolatiers and card makers. For a couple to have a make-or-break moment on Feb. 14 is pure folly. Everyday should be Valentine's Day for couples in love.

  • Show your love

    No, Valentines day is not a stupid holiday. It is a day where everyone can share their feelings for someone that they truly care about, and to give a gift to show that person how he or she really feels towards them. It is a day for expressing your love.

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