• Yeah, it is.

    I mean really, shouldn't you show that you love the other person everyday. Not just one 'special' day of the year. Also it is just another way companies can make lots of money. And think about how singles will feel. Seriously. Coming from a single myself. Really I think Valentine's Day is stupid.

  • Oh Hell Yeah

    It is yet another Holiday that is meant for large corporations to make bank. And sorry saps fall right into it and spend hundreds of dollars on materialistic things to show their loved ones. In reality, if you really love someone you should be celebrating it everyday anyway. You like to buy stuff? Great. But no amount of stuff is going to save your relationship if it goes downhill. Try romance, honesty, and great sex. Lol.

  • Yes, much so.

    It's no fun when you're obligated to do something romantic. It's not spontaneous. Everyone is doing the same thing every year. Same flowers from 1-800 flowers. I mean I'm just saying. Dinner reservations are fine and everything, but there are no surprises on Valentine's day. I don't know why people care so much. People love holidays haha

  • Yes, It's Just a Silly Holiday

    Valentines Day is just another day of the year. Corporations have made it into some over-the-top consumer holiday centering around chocolates, flowers and jewelry. It is nice to celebrate love and have a fun night with your partner, but in reality it is just an excuse to buy more stuff.

  • Yes, definitely overrated.

    This is one random day society decides to shower a loved one with extra attention and love but has no personal meaning to any particular couple. It's not our wedding anniversary date, not our birthdays, etc. Get it? I don't wish to specially celebrate our love just on any day randomly decided by society.

  • Yes

    Valentine's Day is extremely overrated. While I understand that is a special day and it is great to show the one you love how much you love them, if you truly love someone you should show and tell that person everyday of the year, not some arbitrary day in the middle of February that has no cultural significance.

  • Not at all

    Valentine's Day is a holiday that spreads love. People just assume that it's only for people who are in relationships, but that's not true! I think that's why some people are bitter about it. There is nothing overrated about dedicating a day to spread love. You should show people that you love everyday, but one special day doesn't hurt.

  • It Is Not Overrated

    Valentine's Day is not overrated. Many other holidays should get that label over this particular one. Valentine's Day is great because you can spend it with someone special. It is a romantic holiday and I feel like romance is constantly overlooked by people in our society. It is a great holiday.

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