• I love vampire diaries

    Literally is the best series I’ve ever watched. Nothing else has got me gripped like this before. Honestly thought I was on my own with this addition.
    The raw emotion will have you gripped from start to finish.
    I stumbled across vampire diaries a few months ago after all 8 sessions had finished. I’m now binge watching.

  • Helped me through depression and my hardest times.

    Not only does tvd have vampires and gory scenes, it also has a story to tell, a story about life, its ups and downs, making the good decisions and the wrong ones, the consequences of the wrong ones. It taught me some parts of my life and made me a better person. I was suffering through depression a few months ago, and thankfully im better cause the show was the only thing that i could hold on and relate to. No matter how much you dislike the show, it is the best in the word for me. I learnt a lot.

  • TVD all the wayyyyy!!

    I have watched many shows, but none like The Vampire Diaries. Honestly, TVD is the best show ever. I am a hardcore Delena shipper! Not to mention the characters, such as Damon Salvatore and their relationship/friendship developments such as "Bamon" is very well stretched throughout the series. My favorite show ever without a doubt.

  • Deep show with spectacular character building

    It's such a deep show with amazing performances and amazing writing,it's a love triangle still it gives you thrilling moments it's the BEST I have never been this emotionally attached to characters of a TV series,the character building and change in each and every character is awesome and the flashback stories and build ups for new characters keeps you on the edge of your seat

  • Its just great

    Literally the best show ever to exist. If ur easily scared maybe not, but the guys are so hot (especially damon) and the plot gets u on the edge of ur seat every time, no joke. Its honestly my favourite show, and it never gets boring. 10/10, ITS SO GREAT!

  • Best show ever

    It has the best characters and cast the story is great Paul Wesley is the best actor ever and the it's super exciting I thing this show should go on for 18 more seasons I am in love with is and I also love steroline # bestshipevere and a love Paul Wesley

  • Yes! Really good show

    The best supernatural drama tv show ever (except without Elena Gilbert and the stupid love triangle, which sucks btw) So yeah it is a good show but I hate all the petrova dopplegangers. I love Stefan though so yeah... Damon is ok, but he can be an idiot sometimes, yeah.

  • Love this show even though not a huge vampire fan

    I liked Twilight, so found this by accident, so far I've paid $2.99 for each episode and am addicted, no TV show has ever done that to me.

    It's more than Vampires, it's just that it's a blend of multiple things happening and the fact that people can die puts you on edge, the actors also are amazing, Daman is a great character, perfect all around good/bad guy.

  • It is AMAZING!!!

    The Vampire Diaries is the best show ever because it is so interesting and I love it so much, the actors are amazing ecspecially Nina Dobrev the way she changes her character to become Katerina Petrova and Elena Gilbert !!! I love all the characters: Nina, Ian, Paul, Kat& Candice and all the other characters!!!!

  • Yes. Changed my world!

    For sure this show is the best TV show (at least in my opinion). The characters are so easy to relate to, amazingly attractive, and thoroughly entertaining. The plot is constantly interesting, especially ones with historical flashbacks.

    Love this show. Love the characters. Love the actors. WATCH THE SHOW. Even when you think its starting to get boring, keep going because it only gets better

  • The amount of love i have for this show, but tbh.....

    Yes this show without a doubt is amazing, but in its genre. Tv shows all have different concepts and ideas and labelling one as the best is honestly just our opinion. There are so many shows which released before we were even born which could be amazing. Theres too many shows to decide whether it be Friends, The Big Bang Theory etc.

  • I love it but...?

    I love the show but is the really THE BEST SHOW EVER? Uh, no deffinately not. There are plenty more shows that are just as good and even better. Yes, the lead characters are beautiful (13 year old girl, obviously) but it does have its corny gay moments, suck episodes, and predictable plot lines.

  • Vampire Diaries is Not the Best TV Show Ever

    I do not believe that Vampire Diaries is the best television show ever. I think that the idea of vampires has been overused ever since Twilight became popular. Additionally, some of the supernatural aspects of the show come off as rather cheesy. The show is mostly marketed to and appeals to teens and it does not have spectacular ratings, so it cannot be the best t.v. show ever.

  • Really??? Hell no.

    Why would this even be a question? If you want a real vampire show watch true blood or a show consisting of vampires being supernatural. None if this twilight rip off fairy vampire garbage. Shows that would compete for the "BEST" in my opinion would be The Wire, Breaking Bad, Oz or the Sopranos.

  • The Murder of Vampires

    Let's be honest, there has not been a good vampire story since Bram Stoker's Dracula. Unfortunately, Drauclua had a stake driven through his heart. Now vampires that are interested in love, but they can never have it(but then somehow find it.) Every vampire story has been turned into a chick flick, and it's the same thing with the Vampire diaries. Dracula was murdered, and horrible stories of vampires were created

  • No, definitely not.

    There are far more interesting shows such at The Mentalist that require some kind of a thought process. The actors may be good, but so are the actors on most other prime time television shows. And it does definitely not appeal to a large audience of people. Basically, Vampire Diaries is obviously an engaging and addictive show for some people, but it is not 'the best show ever'.

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