• Yes, the Venezuelan food shortage is a humanitarian crisis.

    Humanitarianism is concerned with promoting human welfare. Since the Venezuelan food shortage is causing citizens to starve, their welfare is definitely negatively affected, which makes this a humanitarian crisis. Every person in the world has the right to nutrition, and it is necessary for humanitarian efforts to step in and help when these crises develop.

  • Yes, starvation is a resource-distribution problem which humane and ethical living requires an effort to solve.

    Yes, the Venezuela food shortage is a humanitarian crisis. Regardless of the shortage's origins, a significant deficit of food and water calls for humanitarian aid. Peoples and governments have a responsibility to optimize and distribute their resources in such a way that food shortages and famines can be avoided if at all possible. To be without both the foresight to prevent such a crisis and the compassion to attempt to alleviate a crisis when it develops is a humanitarian failure.

  • Any food shortage is a crisis.

    A food shortage in any part of the world is a crisis for the entire world. It's a shame that we have the internet and space travel yet people in certain areas do not even get a single proper meal a day. Every single person in the world, and I'm not talking about politicians and governments, needs to wake up and realize that they need to ensure food security for everyone on this planet.

  • I agree that the Venezuela food shortage has become a humanitarian crisis.

    While the food shortage in Venezuela has been created by a government so entrenched in its stance on foreign trade and internal conflict, it has become a humanitarian issue as many citizens are starving. The situation has spiraled into a crisis affecting the vast majority of Venezuelans and can not be allowed to continue.

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