• Absolutely. When it occupies the time you are away from it, then it is a real problem.

    Kids around the country are running to their gaming systems as soon as they enter their doors only to play until the wee hours of the night. This literally can continue for every day in which there is no obligation. When we are young, we should be spending out time finding who we are and what interests us. We need some time to be alone with our thoughts, question our beliefs and determine our priorities. When all excess time is taken up thinking about video games, then there cannot be the necessary development, and now we have a real problem.

  • It can be if it takes control of your time

    Although not as harmful as drugs, alcohol and gambling addictions, gaming can become a problem if it begins to interfere with your day-to-day life and time.

    Playing for half the day, not eating, always glued to the screen, not socializing with family and friends (outside of the in-game chat), not bothered about hygiene and school/college education are serious problems that can be caused by too much dedication to a game.Sometimes you may even forget to breathe! Gaming becomes an obsession and becomes the only purpose in life. This is obviously not good. However,gaming does teach us good skills like perseverance, attention to detail, co-ordination etc., but the greatest challenge is the real world and they should use these valuable skills to advance in real life and move on to higher levels. (Of course, that doesn't mean you imitate violence and crime, because you won't succeed then). In 'psychology today', Dr.Peter Gray says that 'we need to learn time management' so that we get important things done as well as have some time to play, and prefers to call this issue 'a time management problem' rather than 'addiction'. Further, he states that 'in some cases, excessive gaming can be proof of something missing in a person's life', like having no friends, being bullied, lack of parental love and maybe even a lack of purpose and direction. So for them, gaming is a way of coping with a difficult situation.

  • Real life problem

    Real life gaming is a real life addiction because people now a days can't stop playing games. Some people waste their whole life inside the house playing video games. People sometimes are so into heir games that they don't interact we'll with others. Or even interact with anyone. People who have a gaming addiction sometimes will just get overweight and won't care about their health. Gamers will start to get angry with parents or friends who try to stop them from gaming, and trying to help them.

  • it is a growing problem

    I believe that video game addictions are really harmful and can take over your life. Once you' have started playing and you really enjoy it, it is generally quite hard to stop. I think that video game addiction is a growing problem that affects a large amount of people now-a-day.

  • Its a problem.

    People who play video games are obsessed or Addicted.
    I used to be when I was 10 and luckily my parents got me out of it when I was 17.
    Even though it relives anger they still take it out on us parents. I am 32 and my children who are all 8 don't even think about them.

  • Statistics and logic are on our side!

    Video game addiction is real, and it has terrible side-effects, like how it can
    mess up your brain and make you want to do suicide, and it mess up and can effect kids that need to learn social, mental, physical, and other builds of the body, or it will permanently effect the rest of their growth!!!

  • Yes, video game addiction is a real problem.

    Regular video gaming is not a problem if it is not extreme. However, when children and adults are spending twenty hours per day in front of their favorite gaming system it does become a problem. We often get addicted to the things we love. But we should limit the amount of time people are allowed to game.

  • I'm an addict

    People- Computer game addiction is REAL!
    It's a pleasurable experience which tempts you- just like drugs.
    I've messed up jobs, education and relationships because of it.
    Yes, there often are underlying reasons for addiction, but that doesn't invalidate the addiction.
    Come on people, start acknowledging that computer game addiction is dangerous and harms people's lives. It's a real threat and people should start treating it seriously, if they don't, then people like me will continue to get addicted.
    I've played all night, not eaten for a whole day, neglected schoolwork, developed stomach problems, damaged my eyesight, thought about nothing but games for days, hated myself for days, become obnoxious and irritable and anti-social towards housemates, slept through a whole day- come on- this is just like drugs and should be treated so.

  • Loss of sleep

    My brother who is 34 years old and unemployed for over a year continuously plays on his XBox 360. I wouldn't have a problem with this. However, he insists on screaming for hours on end on his chat headset. This would go on during the day while I work from home and in the odd hours of the morning while I'm trying to sleep. I find his lifestyle is not only depriving me of sleep, but from my constant sleep deprivation, I'm always tired and can barely finish my tasks. I could only imagine what effects this has on his health.

    Posted by: DTWJ
  • Video game addiction is not a problem.

    What a person gets addicted to varies from very harmful to their health to minimally harmful to their health. The people who would get addicted to video games, just like any other addicted person, have addictive personalities, so the probability to get addicted to something is higher than a normal persons. Being addicted to video games is much less harmful to the person as getting addicted to alcohol or other drugs.

  • I believe that it is not.

    In my opinion, I think that video game addiction is not real or that other people don't really know much about gaming. People don't complain when you read a good book series like 'Twilight' or 'Harry Potter'. How is reading and getting hooked on the Harry Potter series and waiting for the next book to come out any less different from waiting for the next World of War craft Expansion? Also, people think that now it is normal to watch 7 hours a day of to or football but they are not considered addicts when they watch it?

  • Not an addiction

    I play video games, but that does not mean I am addicted. It relieves me of stress and helps me get my anger out. Some people play video games a little too much, but I would not consider it an addiction. People can put the game down and parents can have their kids stop playing them so don't blame video games for your kids, blame it on your bad parenting.

  • No, cause I said so.

    It is not a problem because people can drink alcohol and not get addicted. People can smoke cigarettes and not get addicted. People can do drugs and not get addicted. People can smoke weed and not get addicted (I don't consider weed as a drug). And people can eat food and not get addicted.

  • Video game addiction is not a serious problem because video games can relive stress and use up some free time.

    Video games are great for reliving that unwanted stress after a long days work. And if you get everything that needs to be done during your time at work or even in school, there shouldn't be a problem to just sit down and relax while playing a couple video games. Even if it is for a few hours, you still have a good amount of time to do what might need to get down around the house.

    Posted by: j174
  • Video game addiction is NOT a major problem.

    Video game addiction is a problem caused and prevented by the individual. People are drawn to video games because games create a rush of excitement. An example of this is shooting someone on Call of Duty. However, if any person plays too much, their ability to perform daily tasks (such as chores and paperwork) will be infringed. This is because the game now seems more exciting and attractive to them than daily life. I would try to keep gaming down to about two hours. That said, video games are great relievers of stress and anxiety. Parents, I would be worried if your next of kin wasn't doing something to relieve stress such as playing video games or playing sports. And while I'm here, I might as well debunk another assumption. Video games do not lead to violent tendencies in most people. In fact, most people who play video games are less violent. The only people whose aggressiveness may be brought out by video games are those that are mentally unstable.
    If there are any parents here, I suggest you be aware of video game addiction, but you should be more focused on things that can really lead your offspring down a bleak road, such as drug abuse.

  • Promotes learning curve

    Video games although can result in wastes of time, are just as viable alternatives to other forms of leisure. Sadly, many view video games as a huge blemish on society, however the fact of the matter is, if you have the time, it is your own leisure time, do what you want.

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