• Vigilantism is what makes the law.

    When you find that something is wrong with the law, you do not wait for the thing to be recorded into the law, be allowing the victims to suffer. You will do what you can to stop the injustice for that moment, and then wait for the law to change.

    For example, when we see someone is being hurt badly with a harmless thing, we cannot interfere in the situation as a third person when we follow law strictly. If he doesn't listen when we yell at him, we choose to attack the attacker with whatever we got till he is stopped. If we do not possess the quality of vigilante, we are only allowed to shout at the attacker. At most, get beaten instead. We have to fight for a cause, when we should. Law is not divine. It is just being manipulated by people all the time. Being changed. Collective good of society is what actually matters.

  • The justice system is flawed

    In this modern era the justice system has become increasingly biased and lax. For example, Brock Turner. The Stanford swimmer who raped an unconscious woman was given a sickeningly light sentence of only six months, whereas the average sentence for rape in the United States is on average 11.8 years. Turner is a young, white man of affluent background who has probably been pampered most of his life. Also the police are actually more of a danger to society than and actual vigilante due to the excessive amount of firepower that the police are given such as armored personnel carriers, assault rifles, submachine guns, flash bang grenades, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams. This has lead to the deaths of numerous unarmed minorities due to the trigger-happy tendencies of police, and when these events transpire the police are almost never punished. That being said, as the great Alan Moore once put it, " there are so many deserving of retribution ... And there is so little time"

  • It is very important

    I am the son of a police officer he is pretty good at his job, but he has told me that he believes if people could stop the people they should be able to. People should not be able top kill only subdue and hold until the police can come

  • A bit of both

    The justice system has to be enforced. People should be found guilty this way. But this can't be achieved if corruption is present in every step along the way. Criminals should be punished according to the justice system. However there are times when someone has to go outside the law in order to do the right thing. People should not be reckless any get carried away with this but sometimes there are thing which have to be done in order to protect the greater good.

  • Police are useless

    There is no justice, only justice you make yourself, i learned this over and over again the hard way. Bring forth our heroes, our next door neighbours with the balls to do something. It is wrong to rely on authorities when authorities bow down to the man with the most change in his pocket, we must bow down to the man with the most change in his heart.

  • Dieing is bad, especially slow... But some people need to....…...

    Some people deserve to die, SLOWLY not quickly, because if they kill someone who does not deserve to die then they do and I'm not talking about bank robbers ( unleast they murder someone durninga, after or before) , I'm not talking about the drunk drivers , I'm not talking about the pickpockets or the thief's, I'm talking about the tourters, I'm talking about he terrorist , I'm talking about the murders who kill in cold blood and the bloody rapist!! Prison isn't good enough for them!! They don't even deserve the mercy of the death sentence!! I know its gonna be fucking depressing for they're family, but hey that's not my problem and hey what do you think is the difference between them them and offender's victims family hey!! I asked my step parents when I was a child what they thought of vigilants and you know what they said?? Vigilantes are just as bad! Well you know what I fuck you gov!!

  • Vigilantes should be allowed to help protect the law.

    Vigilantism is good because the citizens should be allowed to take the law into their own hands. I am not saying that we should get rid of cops and have groups of random people attack criminals. I am saying that citizens should be able to help instead of always being ignored by the police. About 18 people are killed in a mass shooting stopped by police. About three people are killed in a mass shooting stopped by civilians.

  • What do you think is meant by government by the people

    Contrary to popular belief in many parts of the united states citizens have the authority to perform arrests and give tickets. The outcome of this activity is still dependent upon the findings of a court of law. This is as it should be. In some places these powers are withheld from the public while crime is ignored or supported by the government. Asserting the innate authority we possess to protect life and liberty is a good thing. Though I suppose by the strictest definition what I have described isnt vigilantyism but I use the word chosen by despots to disinfranchise the true authorities. In other words protecting our rights is good though it should not be truly lawless. Pluss im batman

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  • You liberal pukes are all a bunch of commies.

    You who say that vigilante justice is bad are basically saying you would let someone kill your family and wait years for police to catch and justify them.... Really? You commies. And and and and and and and and and and and and and. That's is just to fill words.

  • Just no.......Just no.

    Vigilantes can have bias.....And maybe they want revenge. What if someone stole a dollar from a vigilante and he/she murdered the thief? They just stole a dollar but got killed. Is that fair? No. But can it happen? Absolutely. Vigilantes are criminals punishing other criminals. It doesn't make sense and it's not fair.

    Posted by: dor
  • Vigalintism is bad, even if it seems right

    Vigalintism is bad, even if it seems right. I know the vigilantes think they are doing something right by doing the job of police officers, but they are interfering with the justice system we have in place. Vigilantes do have the right to punish bad people, but they need to do so based on the law system we have in place, otherwise it can't get out of control and who is to say if justice was served.

  • No, vigilantism is a bad thing.

    I do not think that vigilantism is a good thing. I think that it can become a very dangerous thing when everyday citizens start taking the law in their own hands. People need to trust in the law enough to let the government and law enforcement punish those who are criminals.

  • Vigilantism is not good.

    Vigilantism is not good. We cannot have every person on a one-man mission. We have a set of laws in this country and we should adhere to them. If we choose not to follow the law, it should be addressed in the courts, not on the streets. One person should not be allowed to decide who is right or wrong and then take justice into their own hands.

  • NO Vigilante Justice

    Would you let an untrained person run around catching criminals. I know I wouldn't, Sometimes one may think that they did something wrong when in reality they didn't. So I say No to Vigilante Justice

    Why do they have to have a certain amount of woods needed to submit why

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  • Cool Kid Action CKA!

    One day, Over the rainbow way up high. Somewhere Over the rainbow way far away. Vigilantes are bad, because they have no rainbows. If people were to go and find a rainbow the world would be a happier place. One day i found a rainbow, Then i became happy. Thats all that the world needs to do. Rainbows and Gummy bEars. HHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMF

  • I once found a dog

    One day I was walking and I found a dog. Then he became a vigilante then I named him Doug, then I found out he a dog. He was a cow. Then ate him with tomatoes, pickles, and mayonnaise. That is why vigilantism is good! Because of Ex Doug The cowdog.

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  • It's both Good and Evil

    You people do not understand anything about being a vigilante do you? They are people who fight for good things on side of the law, though it seems like a "Illigal" thing, It's pretty good to have... The police are forced to follow it.. Imaging the world would be safer...

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