• Is Vin Diesel a nice guy

    Yes. He takes time to answer interview questions no matter how many times they have been asked with politeness and pays attention to what the reporter says and is asking. He is most likely a private person and keeps his family out of the limelight which is an excellent way to live.

  • He seems to be.

    I used to think Vin Diesel was a really horrible human being but he has kind of grown on me. The man has suffered loss and he does a lot of things to make the world a happier place. You may not enjoy his acting but the guy has a certain chemistry that makes you like him.

  • Yes, Vin Diesel is a nice guy

    Yes, Vin Diesel is a nice guy. There is no reason to believe that Vin Disel is not a nice guy. He is a great actor. Furthermore, his cast mates normally do not have anything bad to say about him. No matter what character he plays, there is no reason to believe that he s not a nice guy.

  • Yes, I believe that Vin Diesel is a nice guy.

    Yes, I believe that Vin Diesel is a nice guy because Diesel hasn't been involved in any altercations in the real world that would warrant questions about whether he is a bad person. I think that people think that Vin Diesel is not a nice person because Diesel plays the tough, macho role in most of the films he acts in.

  • Vin Diesel, through his humanitarian actions and public persona, has proved to be a nice guy.

    Vin Diesel's focus on privacy for his family, his excellent fathering skills, and his willingness to take on a variety of roles, both family friendly and adult, have proved him to be a good guy. In the public eye, he always is good-natured when it comes to taking a ribbing, and he works for a number of charitable organizations

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