• People will riot, regardless of the circumstances.

    Milwaukee has some of the worst figures, for the treatment of Black communities, of any place in the United States, and the people who rioted in the most recent incident were completely unconcerned about the innocence or guilt of the man the Police shot.
    The 'victim' pointed a gun at police, a stolen firearm nonetheless, and was subsequently shot. The response of the community was that of a group who believe an innocent party had been murdered, not that of people showing solidarity with oppressed minorities in a peaceful march.
    If another incident happens involving he police and a person of colour, it seems inevitable that violence will ensue.

  • If further hate speech is projected by the protesters, than yes the violence will increase.

    Attacking the suburbs wont help your cause it will turn people off to it and make them less likely to join your cause. People enacting violence on the suburbs neglect to acknowledge that people of color live in the suburbs, not just white people. Also how does bringing violence to another neighborhood help clean up and protect your neighborhood? It doesn't, it just expands the violence further into your city.

  • One of the most dangerous cities...

    Being ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, is not something Milwaukee earned overnight. Being one of the poorest cities just behind Detroit isn't helping matters. With the overpopulation and the dedicated criminals, the violence and in turn violent crimes will continue to get worse until there is something done to prevent it. Homicide, rape, and robberies are still rampant and the most committed crimes in the city. Hopefully the curfew hinders it a little bit.

  • Yes, Milwaukee suburbs are likely to become more violent

    Yes, based on recent news regarding the riots in Milwaukee, it appears to me that the surrounding areas will become more violent. This week an African American man, Sylville Smith, was shot following a traffic stop; since this incident, riots have started in the city as a form of protest to the unrighteous treatment of minorities. This violence in-turn prompted the man's sister Sherelle to speak out calling for rioters to “take that s– to the suburbs.” While it would be extreme to say that all rioters will move immediately to the suburbs, the growing tensions are likely to spread to the surrounding areas.

  • No, viiolence in the Milwaukee suburbs won't get worse.

    No, the violence in the Milwaukee suburbs will calm down. The violence will not continue to happen because the rioters will realize they are not accomplishing anything by being violent. Violence doesn't do anything, but make a situation worse. There will be a leader that emerges and tells everyone this isn't worth the way to affect change.

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