Is violence in the media a result of increased violence in our society?

  • Standford university et al.

    Now Stanford University has demonstrated exactly that. Less TV equals less violence. Earlier this year Stanford released a landmark study demonstrating a 50% decrease in verbal aggression, and a 40% decrease in physical aggression, just by encouraging kids to turn off their TVs and video games. And there are a lot more peer-reviewed articles that can prove this.

  • We might accept violence

    I do not believe that watching a violent movie or being exposed to some other type of violence in the media will make a particular person commit a violent act. But I think we will be less shocked by violence in real life. This will might make us more violent because we won't help someone that's getting beat up or we will be more inclined to support a war.

  • To an extent

    Violence in the media, like in the news, is inherently a reflection of increased violence in our society, since the media's job is to report on the society and reflect back on what it wants to hear or see. However, I do agree that this creates a sort of bad cyclic reaction where increased media violence leads to increased violence in society.

  • No

    Ever since man first learned to talk and walk, we have been a species that loves violence. Everywhere you look in ancient civilizations, war and violence has been glorified. The media is just another extension of our already violent propensities and inclinations towards violence. It is the violent epic of the new age.

  • It's The Other Way Around

    I think there is violence in our society because of people being okay with it after being exposed to it by the media. Shows, movies, and even cartoons are violent these days. People have so much access to violent media that it is ridiculous. It's sad that we are paying the consequences for it.

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