Is violence in this country against police officers more of a problem than violence by police officers?

  • Premeditated Violence Versus Situational Violence

    A cop on patrol does not know beforehand what he will encounter. A person with a gun who shoots at a police officer in his car, or protecting protesters is more of a threat to the whole population than the cop on patrol. Those shooters had enough thought process to take aim on purpose. While all are single person shooter events. Consider how many routine encounters do not end in violence.

  • Yes, violence against police is a bigger problem.

    Violence against police officers is a bigger problem then police violence against suspects. Many officers patrol streets in very dangerous neighborhoods. They put their lives on the line trying to protect the citizens they serve. Yes, some police officers make mistakes and end up hurting innocent suspects. However, the greater threat is against police officers from violent criminals looking to harm them.

  • No way in heck

    Police officers are in positions of authority and power, they know they can get shot at any time. Civilians get attacked by them for doing little to no wrong. A good police officer is a dead police officer. No police officers should even exist in any country, none whatsoever. F them.

  • No, violence against police officers is not more of a problem.

    Police brutality this the bigger issue. Police are being trained to shoot first and ask questions later. This cowboy mentality is what is causing all the problems in our country. Not to mention the incredible racism behind many of the police related shootings that have occurred in this county on a regualar basis.

  • Violence against police officers would not be happening...

    Violence against police officers would not be happening if it weren't for police officers being violent AT civilians. Many of the lowlying, uneducated communities we see today are against cops, as our rebellious teenagers, which fuels the anger for cops even further when police brutality is paired with it. Federal governments need to get a handle on their sub agencies and manage them correctly.

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