• He's good for Russia at least.

    I wouldn't call Putin a great leader by Western standards, but he has held Russia together. He is a strongman I will admit, but I believe Russia needs a strongman, Russia isn't really ready for democracy yet. Now I'm not hating on democracy, all countries deserve democracy, but some aren't ready for it yet. Read about how polarized Russian politics are, we have Nazis, and Communists, better to have a moderate than one of those in my opinion.

  • Last man standing

    Putin is the last barricade against NWO, all western countries try to destabilize power gaining Russia, Great man wish him to beat the devil of USA and stop all cony wars inflicted by them. If Putin was not there, there would be at least ten more military conflicts around the globe.

  • He's clever and decisive.

    I arrived in Russia in 2010 having no opinion about Putin. Prior to my departure for Moscow, I was constantly bombarded with the negative parodies of him in our American press but I realized that politics is a dirty business. I learned that Putin brought stability and pride to the Russian people after the chaotic, run-away inflation of the Yelzin years. Now we know who the aggressors are as NATO forces advance to the Russian border with cries of regime change. Their next target will be the pipeline which they want to re-route away from Russia to one of the dictatorial ex-soviet republics. You don't have to be a genius to see the mess that they've created in Kiev. Meanwhile in the Crimea they are sitting in their cafes drinking coffee.

  • Yes, and better than Obama

    Vladimir Putin is a very good, smart, and strong leader. He's ex-KGB! He's outwitted Obama, particularly with Syria and Edward Snowden. People often say he's 'evil' for being in the KGB. Sure, the KGB killed thousands of people and I don't support it, but being in that smart if an Intelligence Agency helps him in the political world. He's a veteran, as Obama is an amateur

  • Absolutely agree with

    His goal is to make Russia stronger and to protect interests of nation. Terrible 10 years of Yeltzin has almost destroyed Russia and Putin trying to rebuild everything including thinking of Russians about Russia. Maybe sometimes his opinion is different than thinking of EU and US, but it is normal because Russia is Eastern country and will never think as western. He has enough power and enough strong balls to play own game.

  • Fixed russia with big kahoonas

    Putin is by far the most couragous head of state around everyother leader is full of empty threats but putin does what needs to be done forhis country. Im from the uk and can say every prime minister in my generation has been full of hot air lyeing to get votes then not following through.

  • Capable man with vision

    If we compare Russia before and after Putin we can clearly see that Russia gains power. There is no doubt that Putin is very strong and capable man. I admit that he might be a dictator, but strong leadership can be beneficial if the leader is not corrupted. I come from former Yugoslavia, we are in democratic capitalism for 20 years, and believe me I dont go to elections, because all of politicians are corrupted. Ordinary people live much worse than in communism. I wish we had somebody like Putin. I think that western capitalism is currently transforming in sofistcated feudalism, simply because the rich people is getting richer, and poor cant have decent live anymore. People without medical insurance are left to die and that is bad.

  • Good at leading in the wrong direction

    It's obvious where the ex-KGB henchman is leading Russia. However, Russians seem to 1. Buy into his vision 2. Speak highly of him. He has all the attributes of a strong leader, but so did Adolf Hitler and we all know where that story ended. It seems like Cold War is back on under Putin as he constantly undermines America, i.E. Snowden, Syria, ect.

  • He fixed Russia!

    He is leading his emerging capitalistic nation into a superpower. He is doing it despite the poor infrastructure handed to him by a communist state. He is dealing with the evils of radical Islam without entirely alienating them. He is part of the G20 and now a leader of the group. Russia is opening is businesses to the west and allowing the west to invest in his country to improve the economy. He is rationally developing his nations military without bankrupting his economy. He has opened up freedom of religion in his nation and welcomes others to enter, worship, and flourish.

  • Strong intelligent leader

    He is in charge. He is not a corporate puppet (hint Mr O). The country was on the brink of death when he took it over and it's grown like crazy. There are problems in Russia and lots of them. But one step at a time is better than nothing.

  • Remember Human Rights?

    Did everyone forget the anti-gay laws that were put in place? That's sick! At least we as a country and moving towards equality. Russia's "great leader" is bringing them far down and using propaganda to mess with their minds while he's at it. He's a dictator and like a modern Hitler.

  • He's invading UKRAINE

    Look at what he is doing. He has invaded Ukraine and he is just a bad leader in my opinion. And he has all these little boys saying he is the greatest ever and that there is none better than him but they're wrong bunch of little girls who say that.

  • No he is not

    I feel that he is more of an out- for- self guy than a leader of Russia. Why is he like that I don't know but Putin is not the leader I would want. He is suppose to help the people of Russia NOT be some Macho-me guy. He is Practicly Big headed.

  • No, Vladimir Putin is not a good leader; he seems more interested in presenting himself as macho and tough than in helping the Russian people.

    Vladimir Putin has become somewhat of a caricature internationally, because of his authoritarian style and images of him shirtless on horseback or catching fish with his bare hands. Domestically, he has been widely criticized for running a mafia-style administration that is filled with corruption. Although he has overseen wide improvements in the Russian economy, he is seen as a dictator by many in his own country.

  • No. Vladimir Putin is not a good ruler.

    1) He's invading Ukraine.
    2) He isn't helping Russia.
    Even though Putin may look like a powerful ruler, he is just looking tough. He has pictures to make him seem such an invincible person even though he doesn't help Russian people.
    Okay you get my point, so... That's it now!

  • He is breaking Russia apart!

    I would state that he isn't a strong leader not he is any good at being part of the G20, in fact he was kicked out. Countries have blackballed him because of his conquest of the west of trying to build up a country and go back to the day's of the Soviet days of former Russia. He is a puppet for anyone who will give him money aka; His palace by the sea. Ex: KGB and who would want that?

  • No. Not good at all

    He doesn't support peace but sits by and encourages the opposite. The reason Russia went into Ukraine was because Putin wants to return Russia back to the Soviet Union. He is doing this by taking down/ back one country at a time quietly through supporting rebels. He isn't silly. Russia supports rebels who wishes to occupy other countries. Putin could easily have prevented what is still going on in Europe. He could easily have put in safety measures to have enabled the inspectors to inspect the Malaysian aircraft but he didn't. He would rather the Cold War return where the Russian people live in fear where they discouraged to speak out and where they are forbidden to leave Russia safely and of their own free will if they choose to. Does a good leader increase energy prices so high to another country that people die of cold? That isn't a good leader, that is a dictator.

  • Hitler resurrected ?

    Hitler was arguably a strong leader. Just think about the consequences of the actions of that maniac!
    In my opinion Putin is a self-centred, power hungry egotist, obsessed with demonstrating his own importance to the rest of the world, not to mention a very guillable Russian population.
    Time will tell!

  • Hitler resurrected ?

    Hitler was arguably a strong leader. Just think about the consequences of the actions of that maniac!
    In my opinion Putin is a self-centred, power hungry egotist, obsessed with demonstrating his own importance to the rest of the world, not to mention a very guillable Russian population.
    Time will tell!

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