• VW is better

    Volkswagen is made by the most precious engineers who actually know what they are doing.... Not buy some Asians who use cheap parts... They have the most reliable engines and if you get a tdi you get the most mpg.. Besides honda drivers just rice their cars which makes Honda look bad and the Honda drivers rice the hondas cause they want to feel cool...

  • VW makes better cars

    VW offers better power train options the Honda. My diesel Jetta get 59 MPG on the highway and about 50 in the city. No Honda that is fun to drive can even come close to matching that. Also the interiors in all VW car are far better then any Honda interiors.

  • Volkswagen is a superior car

    Volkswagen's are better cars and Hondas. Volkswagen's are made of better crafted parts And the engineers are much more skilled. Volkswagen's you designed to drive on the Autobahn. Hondas are made of cheap parts and assembled in Mexico for less than American wages. There is no parking lot in front of the Honda factory in Mexico.

  • VW are useless

    Honda the most reliable car make is not only more affordable but they are cheaper to run. Owning a Honda for 12 years , i decided to get an upgrade and bought a touran.
    It is the worst car ever!
    The fuel is drained too quickly its too slow and worst of all the breakdowns on engine and suspension are unimaginable.
    I've switched back to a civic tourer which eats the VW tourer.

  • Honda is better, but both are good.

    Both Volkswagen and Honda are great cars, and both run well and last a long time, but Honda is more stylish and comfortable. Honda has more variety and some smaller cars that get better mpg. Honda also has more features aimed at comfort and style, but both are great cars that last a long time.

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