• Voting is important

    Those of you that think that your vote is too small to matter...You cant just say that. Everyone has a vote. And its one vote. And if we all unite and vote. The election would be fair. It would be the country's vote not just any unfair vote (when they vote for their own party and encourage familes and and friends). Voting is a voice, an opinion to state what you want to see in your country. If you really cared about your country you would vote. But do not. I repeat DO NOT COMPLAIN if the government party that was elected comes out wrong, Because you made a choice to not vote. You chose to not have a say. Because you didnt have a say you didn't participate and you have no right to sit there and complain.

    Voting is about making the country a better place. Voting shows that you care for the future of your country, our country. We all have one vote. We have a power to change things and that’s through voting.

  • When done correctly, yes, voting is important

    Voting just for the sake of voting is a terrible idea that should be discouraged, but the voting system is very important and should be utilized by all that have enough of a grasp of the candidates to vote responsibly. It may not feel like a significant voice but it for the most part is the only one that we have regarding our "leaders".

  • No, voting is not important

    None of these people care about other things thats happening in the world like climate change or famine. They care about money and power. I would never waste my time for someonne who wont even know my name and could care less if i lived or died - Nicholas Lukkar

  • No, voting is not important.

    Your vote is to small to matter. It is a waste of time for you to go to the polls and cast a vote. No presidential election has ever been decided by one vote. The right to vote is not very important because even if you could decide the president, they can't do anything because congress does nothing.

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