• I try to stay out of wal mart on a principle.

    I'm 27. Like many people my approximate age and younger, I stay out of wal-mart because the money I worked for, will not support a company which treats its employees (many of whom are on welfare despite having a full-time job) the way wal-mart does. I have no problem paying a bit more at Kroger. Or, a bit less at AlDi whenever one's available. I think market depends on demand, and Wal-mart will have major issues as generations change.

  • Yes, they disrespect their best workers!

    Walmart treats their workers like doggy doo. They have these unrealistic expectations that can't be met and when a worker finishes just shy of that expectation he or she gets harassed by management. If the management thanklessly treats their help like that, you can bet they will treat their customers the same way!

  • Losing all employees

    A business can't stay be open if there's no one that runs the register or stocks the shelves or cleans the floor. Not to mention they're bleeding money from deals like savings catcher and raising everyone's pay to 10 an hour or more. However, they won't keep their employees because, they no longer give annual raises or holiday pay.

  • Their time is up!

    As a former walmart "associate" I worked there for 13 years as it is nothing at all like Sam Walton had envisioned. Instead of having the lowest prices in town, they have the highest. To cut back on cost they gave us "old timers" the boot. I had health insurance (Not the best either) dental, and their 401K ( a joke). No, we cost them too much, time for you to go. Well, what comes around goes around. When they do go, I'll say good riddance. May they be a lesson to all other corporations. Your not to big to fail.

  • Walmart....Not an Enjoyable Shopping Experience

    The way they treat there employees is shameful. Their prices are comparable to other retail businesses that are more enjoyable to shop at. I'd much rather spend an hour shopping at Target. There stores are a magnet for crime and low life types. There's always police cars parked by the front doors, that tells you something about the clientele they attract. There's nothing enjoyable about going to a Walmart. Won't miss them when they're gone.

  • Yes, because they have lost credibility with people.

    Yes, I believe Walmart will be out of business in 5 to 10 years because they have alienated people. People see that Walmart is focused only on their bottom line. Many of their stores are not kept up, they no longer carry the variety they once had, and while they say they have the lowest prices they have been steadily decreasing item sizes. Consumers notice these things.

  • Walmart will live forever.

    Walmart will continue to decline, but it is a juggernaut and will never die. The owners of Walmart are some of the wealthiest people in the world. The market share Walmart has is enormous and they will continue to stay afloat for many years to come. Even K-mart is still in business.

  • They will always find a way

    Walmart is HUGE corporation. I'm sure they have several tricks up their sleeve to bring people back before they'd let that happen. I'd like to see it go, the way they treat their employees and the people they do business with overseas is disgusting. Walmart is an awful comany that needs to make major changes or shut down.

  • Walmart going out of business

    I do not think that Walmart is going to be going out of business in the next 5 to 10 years. There are many loyal customers. Many people prefer to shop in person and Walmart has just about everything you need from the pharmacy to groceries to clothes to electronics.

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