• When it becomes the only available option.

    War is terrible.

    It's ugly, violent, cruel, and it ruins or interferes with the lives of almost everyone involved. That being said, if you're faced with the threat of non-existence, you would choose an ugly, violent, cruel, life-ruining chance to survive.

    Ask the southern slaves in the US in the 19th century
    Any citizen from a European country in the 1930's
    The Israelis during any of their many conflicts with their neighbors
    The non combatants stuck in civil war in Africa

    I'm sure these people can give very good reasons as to why war may be right, as well as millions of others over the course of history.

  • Its better to fight when needed than to face certain destruction.

    This doesn't just apply if you nation is under attack from another nation of invaded by one. This also applies to rather you defend human rights like stopping a genocide. A pacifist would let Hitler get away with the holocaust because non violence doesn't work against dictators. Was there a ghandi in Nazi Germany and if there ever was what impact did he have.

  • War can be justified at times

    Humans are lover of extremities; war is therefore often an continuation of politics by other means. What is just? Something that is just is correct/moral. Albeit the conduct of war is never moral, war in itself can be moral; how so?

    For war to be moral, several conditions are to be placed upon the aggressor. Are the citizens of your country, or would be citizens, endangered as of the current status quo? If yes, then a war must be waged. Are there lands that unrightfully belongs to other nations, but in reality belongs to you? If the answer is yes, then war can be just.

    But if this were pure imperialism, then war is never just

  • War can bring peace

    Sometimes war can bring peace. If you have enemies that don't fear you they will keep attacking you. If you go to war with them and show that you will not tolerate them attacking you they will stop and you will have peace. Look at the history of many countries that if it wasn't for war there would not be peace now.

  • Most certainly better to fight then die.

    It is often better to wage war than be destroyed. When faced with a tyrannical and opressive ruler, it is often nessacary to wage war. When attacked by extreme terrorists, fighting back may be a good choice. When invaded be foriengers, fight back may be wise. In short, there are many times when war is just.

  • Depends on the Big picture.

    Basically, without war - or most conflicts for that matter - we wouldn't be able to distinguish what peace is. It's about contrast in context. I'm not saying humans are incapable of figuring it out eventually, but wars have a tendency to crystallize 'what life is currently not and what it could later be like'. It sometimes pressures us to find unlikely alliances and tear down inhibitions, as well as an increase in technological and scientific advances.

    It might be easy for anyone who never been in a war to think that war might be right, but our lack of experience in this case is what allows us to look at it from a practical point of view, and not one filled visceral hatred towards an enemy.

  • Human Rights Needed

    Think about World War Two, it took America out of the Great Depression, and our economy was saved, gained important technological advances in that time, also would you sit back and watch ISIS, which destroys for fun and will except no deal in order to stop, attack your country, I wouldn't hesitate to nuke them and eliminate the threat, also we have been faced with the problem of North Korea and their nuclear missile project that they refuse to end even though it defies National law

  • Human Rights Needed

    Think about World War Two, it took America out of the Great Depression, and our economy was saved, gained important technological advances in that time, also would you sit back and watch ISIS, which destroys for fun and will except no deal in order to stop, attack your country, I wouldn't hesitate to nuke them and eliminate the threat, also we have been faced with the problem of North Korea and their nuclear missile project that they refuse to end even though it defies National law

  • What if we didn't?

    If someone has threatened or hurt your country you should have a right to fight back, shouldn't you? You should want to get revenge, shouldn't you?What if we just let Hitler do his thing and kill loads of jews? What if we didn't fight back, so many more people would of died.

  • It is a "Thing":

    War is not something falls under right and wrong. There are simply two ideologies in conflict and that conflict leads to massive herd violence between the two opposing groups or schools of thought. Both sides of all wars are "Just" unto themselves which in turn defeats the purpose of even attempting to discern whether such a thing exists.

  • It isn't right

    War isn't right because people can communicate with each other to solve conflicts instead of killing each other. In the early 21st century we shouldn't have to resort back to a barbaric way of resolving problems that was used to solve problems back in the early centuries so I don't think war is right.

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  • War begets war. There are a handful of exceptions throughout history and we cling to those examples as an excuse to start the next war.

    Ask any soldier that's been in combat and they will tell you war is wrong. War is the most unnatural thing to happen on this earth.

    We'd be freaking out if we saw ducks going to war. But I suppose all of the yes people would tell them, "Yea! Go on ducks, you have no other choice. It's not like you can talk it out or anything. This duck war will bring peace. Those opposing ducks stole your bread crumbs and now they must die. FOR FREEEEEDOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!"

    See how silly that looks? But no, we're special right? We have fire and concrete jungles so it's okay for us to rape and murder each other on mass scale every once and awhile because that's how real men solve their problems. Give me a break.

    If you want a war then you'd better sign up for the military and fight in it. Otherwise, you don't really want a war.

  • No it is not.

    Don't get me wrong, I love war. Bloodshed, struggle for power, and general suffering all around. However, I would never say that war is ever right. War is the option people choose when they are too stubborn or lazy to use words. They fight without the slightest care for the men, women, and children they sacrifice for their bloody sport. People starve, freeze, or sicken and die. War is the ultimate declaration of hatred and scorn for another person, country, or people. It is the epitome of human nature. Those in power demanding a fight, those without power being forced to fight that fight, and countless innocents lost during that fight.
    I love war, yes. The idea of such brutality and slaughter makes me grin, but I would never be so foolish as to call it 'right'.

  • War is never "right", but it is inevitable.

    Unfortunately, conflict and chaos are a very real and needed element in life. If we were in a perfect world, a beaten adversary would realize their wrongs and accept defeat, but that is NEVER the definite outcome. Wars can be fought for any reason, and there is always at least two sides. It can be argued "fighting now could save more lives later" and yet at the present innocent will be killed to ensure they wouldn't have died later. It's simply a circle of conflict that will never truly end. Therefore, I believe war is never a "correct" option, but rather an inevitable conclusion to many conflicts in the world. I also use the word "conclusion" loosely.

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Juan_Pablo says2014-07-24T12:42:09.577
Well, my view is that all war really can be avoided as long as all parties find alternative solutions to the specific problem they're facing. So if war is forced to happen, it's because someone is doing something wrong and refuses to find an alternative method of arriving at a universally-beneficial solution! No war has to happen. But when they do happen, people will die for it. That's the price of human egoism and stubbornness!
leonitus2464 says2014-07-24T14:15:37.417
Ok first off some people cannot be reasoned with peple like hitler or seddam and in the possible ear future kim jong un how can you reason with the insane. Short answer you cant reason with them.
Juan_Pablo says2014-07-24T14:25:38.573
Leonitus, the problem is that these kinds of people don't want reason--they want what they want and they're willing to do anything to get it. We pay the price for their unbelievable arrogance and stubborness. We suffer because these people are so arrogant that they're willing to kill scores of people to boss the world around. This is wrong!
leonitus2464 says2014-07-24T14:42:02.873
So you agree withe me because i agree with the fact that alot of people suffer and die due to their evil insanity.So are your agreeing with me?
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-07-24T15:17:43.133
I know I sound like I'm splitting hairs, but I think the question is biased towards the NO side (though the 100% yes is surprising given this. Putting the question as an affirmative statement, we get 'war is ever right', which makes no sense; as a negative statement, we get 'war is not ever right', which does make sense.
leonitus2464 says2014-07-24T15:36:07.687
How is it biased toward no i made the question and i voted yes. I mean right as in morally right how is that herd to understand.
leonitus2464 says2014-07-24T15:39:36.630
I made the question and voted yes. How is it hard to understand by right i meant morally right how hard is that to get its not biased.
Juan_Pablo says2014-07-24T15:40:11.947
Leonitus, well, I agree with you in that sometimes we have to fight wars because bad, stubborn, violent leaders exist. So yes! But these people are not insane. They're arrogant and selfish to the point that they're willing to get violent. The vast majority of these violent leaders are not insane, but they are unbelievably arrogant and selfish. And we suffer for it!
leonitus2464 says2014-07-24T15:41:56.700
Well id consider Hitler an example of insanity but seddam an example of arrogance so i see your point.