• Terrorism Party Fun

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  • No, it is not needed.

    No warrantless wiretapping is not a necessary evil, because there is no proof that it has prevented a terrorist attack. Warrantless wiretapping is not a necessary evil, it is an evil, plain and simple. There are other ways to prevent terrorism than to listen in on phone calls. There are also warrants that can be written liberally to allow for gathering the necessary information.

  • No, The Right to Privacy is More Important Than Police Monitoring

    Warrantless wiretapping is a direct violation of the bill of rights and should never occur. The fact that it is even tolerated shows how far removed from the constitution many current policies are and is an excellent display of why we need to go back to the fundamentals that the United States was built on. The right to privacy, particularly in one's home, vehicle and during private conversations, has always been a recognized right, however warrantless wiretapping is a direct violation of this principle, and therefore is unconstitutional.

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