• Porn is bad

    It is not good for your children and the younger ones as the get influenced by it. Porn is not about people in love that have intercourse, it is about two or more people videoing themselves have sex for money and pleasure so what is good about it is disgusting.

  • Pornography creates negative relationship fantasy

    By watching pornography it brings about a negative influence on sexual relationships, because it creates a false fantasy of sex. Sex its self was never intended to be pleasurable but to help the human race continue. Also depending on the age group that is watching porn ( which seems to be rapidly decreasing into the ages of 14 years and above) this kind of material is corrupting the ideas of a healthy relationship at a young age. The likely-hood of the children thinking it is alright to look at a man or women as a sex object rather then a person is very high due to the psychological effect .

  • It is wrong

    When peope love doing something, they develop a feeling that will not make them stop doing it and thus tend to believe that what they are doing is right.

    Similar to ponography, people assume that there is nothing wrong with watching it because they really can't go through just one week 7 days without watching it.

  • Always it is harmful

    If a least one person thinks something is bad, they probably have good reason. People who think pornography is bad are probably becoming desensitized to it. There is a belief that if nothing bad happens, then it is OK. By that belief, then drugs are Ok if you don't get caught. Murdering is OK if you don't get caught. Pornography is always harmful.

  • The people in the porno

    By buying or even downloading a promo you are supporting the pornography business which is basically prostitution but filmed and sold. Pornes make there money by people watching people have sex and this causes mental issues for the prone actress and prone actor who appear in theses films. And yes the actor and actress who are in iron had a choice but choice that was usually brought on because there was no other option. Lus if iron was so acceptable than why do parents never want there children to grow up to be a porn star you may think your doing no harm and your probably right but the people your supporting are damage peoples lives

  • Yes I think it is wrong

    Pornography is legal for consenting adults. No body is harmed in the process as porn lovers will have us believe. Porngraphy is a moral issue rather than legal. As human beings whatever that we hear or watch reside in our sub concious minds. It might seem harmless initially but wait until it reach the point that you can't concentrate without thinking about sex. There is movie/video on real life scenarios call 100 ways to die. It shows people who lost their lifes as a result of being stupid. There is one episode where a guy so obsessed with porn got killed by a busted overinflated tyre.
    It creates a perception that seek to only view women or men as nothing but sex objects. Instead of appreciating the intelligence, sense of humour, respect, tolerance and other wealth of resources that co workers bring to the table, you only wonder how good it will be to see them nude. I think porn is overated

  • Yes, because it objectifies people

    This is a hard question to answer, because I do believe it is a person's right to watch it if they want to, so I don't think it should be illegal for consenting adults. But I do believe that it destroys the sense of intimacy that is a special and important part of sex by objectifying the participants. It's a hard thing to should be sacred to my mind because you are sharing intimacy with another person, and the idea of doing it so that someone else can watch it, or watching someone else do it, is all wrong

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  • Degrading humans to animals

    The idea of sharing intimacy with a spouse is destroyed by pornography and turns sexual activity into nothing but an instinctual animalistic action. Furthermore the increase of aggression on women after exposure (to porn) is accepted and initially violence against women is condoned. The porn industry does not care what it does to peoples lives

  • It is morally wrong

    We cannot let our society go and watch porn as something normal because it is not . It is not right displaying how an immoral female and an immoral male have sex. It is like people are promoting prostitution and saying that in nothing wrong with or men having sex with hundreds of partners and having no limit to what they do. If it's so right then if everyone would post a video having sex ,there would be no shame or embarrassment in it if it's your daughter , sister wife or whatever bc according to people sex is natural nothing intimate. Porn is wrong and it should not be allowed . Usually guys or women watch porn to find satisfaction but there are all those creeps out there who watch that and can't think of anything else and become mentally disturbed. As human beings we should always work at promoting order and stability in society for us and our next generation . What would happen if we just watched porn, watch people have sex in public walk around naked and have a couple partners ( which a lot of immoral people seemed to)? That is the so society we want to built for the future? Sex is an act of pleasure that should be done privately between a man and a woman ( or same sex) who love each other and have been knowing each other for a long time ( which today is not the case anymore bc watching porn or having sex with everyone of 50 boyfriends / girlfriends is okay).
    And those women or men are not victims they are not forced . Even in poor countries you still have a choice : to stay poor and don't mix with the bad crowds. Absolutely there is also sex trafficking for unlucky women or men who are forced and that makes it porn even more horrible. Real moral and respecting people would live very happy even if porn was not allowed and if creeps can't then electric chair!
    I'm a 20 year old and I strongly believe that the world is becoming very limitless especially when it comes to sex

  • Porn is OK

    Unless you are getting addicted to it, watching porn is OK. Everything is OK in moderation, porn included. However, it is best to watch porn on only websites that you can trust, as you can get into trouble with all that sketchy stuff. Again, watching porn is perfectly OK in moderation.

  • Its totally fine

    Look, I'll admit that porn can cause problems. Addiction to porn is arguably real, but addiction to alcohol is also real. Alcohol is not only OK in moderation, but it is in fact good. Porn is the same, in that it can become harmful if taken in too large a quantity, depending on the person. Also similar to alcohol, different people can handle different amounts. Not to mention there are many types of porn, from soft, to hardcore, to fetish. Not all porn is heavy petting and seat-wetting. On that point, is it not better to jerk off to fetish, porn rather than try to act out something illegal or dangerous. That being said, child-porn and snuff-style films are not okay and should not be supported. But as I said, there are different types of porn.

    In short, its fine.

  • There's nothing wrong with watching porn.

    Watching porn for some can be a sexual outlet or even a hobby for others. Heck it might be a good way to release some stress or help one go to sleep. Some people play games to escape reality, what's the difference from watching porn? Because it's more accepted by society? Just like choosing to smoke tobacco over marijuana just because it's legal and more socially accepted, but definitely does more harm then marijuana. On another note, how can viewing porn be a bad influence on children when you need to be +18 to view? Same with video game violence, it says how old you have to be to play a game on the cover, yet there are still 10 year olds playing games meant for adults, and parents blaming games for them doing something violent. That sounds like a problem on the parents side, because for some, I guess it's easier to put the blame on something else instead of being a good parent and watching what your kid does. In my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and everyone has the ability to make their own choices. If porn is something you don't like then don't watch it. Simple as that, theres no reason to put others down because they're doing something you don't like or dont believe is right. Because when it all comes down to it, its what YOU dont believe is right. Everyone is their own person with the right to do what makes them happier in life. Now im not saying go out and hurt people because it'll make you feel better, all im saying is, reasonably do what makes you a happier person. If watching porn makes life easier for you because it gives you some sort of joy or excitement, go for it. You don't need to change what you're doing because someone says or thinks "it's not right".

  • It's normal and okay (:

    If watching pornography doesn't cause you to have a skewed view on people, if it's filmed with consent and is legal then everything is fine. It doesn't hurt a single person because all actors and actresses have a choice. There is and always will be other options than porn, how Is pornography a last resort of they're fit and could model, or just work at Burger King. It can never be a last option. And it can't influence children because you have to be 18+ to view it. It is therefore the parent's responsibility to stop children from getting into things like that by watching their kids. Pornography cannot objectify women because the mem in the videos are being used for sex too so therefore it cancels itself out if that's the case.

  • Nope it's fine

    Sex is part of life just because your watching videos instead of doing it does not make it more damaging somehow, no one calls looking at food bad, or a cars, humans like looking at good things especially porn because it is related to a healthy function called sexual intercourse

  • Nope it's fine

    Sex is part of life just because your watching videos instead of doing it does not make it more damaging somehow, no one calls looking at food bad, or a cars, humans like looking at good things especially porn because it is related to a healthy function called sexual intercourse

  • No, It's Perfectly Fine.

    Porn is not a bad or corrupted piece of media. Pornography is simply a collection of images, compilation of videos, or piece of literature that forms arousal both physically and mentally. It a something one can use as a gateway towards freedom of expression at which said person is not harmful to anyone, even him or herself. Most other people will tell you otherwise because they do not believe in releasing sexual tension in a healthy way, or they will tell you something like, "Oh it's against God's will," or some other crap. If you want to watch pornography, and are of a healthy age (18) then go ahead.

  • No it's not wrong

    Im a 16 year old, i've been watching porn since I was 8, and it's never had one single bad effect on me, I respect women, and I don't get influenced by porn badly, I've never been arrested and I am not a predator, I simply watch pornograhy because I'm attached to it emotionally, that doesn't automatically mean that my life is terrible in anyway at all, my life is great, and porn hasn't changed that fact at all

  • No it is not wrong

    No, I do not think that watching pornography is wrong and that watching it is just a form of release and entertainment. There are all different kinds of media out there, and one form of media happens to be pornography which is okay to view as long as you are an adult.

  • Porn is Bad

    Porn is bad because your children can get influence by it. Some children know what porn is because of their parents so they think is ok to do / watch porn.
    Porn is not good for Adult and children. I am 11 years old and know it is bad.
    Children if you feel like having sex pray to Jesus , hold it in or touch your self choose one.
    But choose the right one because it will affect you.

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NarutuVerse says2013-11-02T10:53:35.267
In all actuality having sex has a much larger impact on the brain and the afterthoughts that follow. Watching porn is just a lightened fractional stimulus that in all reality has the same impact as real sex. So how can the stimulus on one, two, maybe 3 senses (watching of porn, visual, sound, sometimes touch) be more damaging then having all 5, arguably 6 senses, involved in the consensual nature of our inner being.

Porn can relate to sex education in many ways. Also there will always be porn stars out there. So don't be naive and lock up such people, allow them the freedom. Freedom of their actions and perhaps proper education to prepare these people for the days when they are too old to porn is a much better solution.

Please don't compare porn to drugs because ill slap you for comparing the most beautiful act that can happen between two people to a substance that specifically targets to disintegrate neural networks.