• Water pollution needs to be fixed

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  • John cent says hi

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  • Water pollution is killing our planet

    Let me start off with water is the main source of life. Without water there is no life. Only 1% of Earth's water is fresh and it being irrevocably polluted each day due to many factories and industries letting out harmful chemicals that eventually flow to the rives lakes of ponds .. We humans are the cause of water pollution. Water is life which means if it is polluted life ceases to be sustainable. This pollution is killing our planet and endangering many species and species are becoming extinct.

  • We don't have an "Advanced Society"

    Of course it is killing our planet! And a lot of people don't care about that! It's all of our modern day era. We think that we are an "advanced society" when we really aren't AT ALL. The cars, gas, oil, everything is killing us! Everybody thinks we need this stuff to live, but if it DOES kill our planet, there will be no life to enjoy it. Why can we just grow our own crops, use horses to get around again, and use wood for heat? Sure, it's more work, but it's better for the earth and us. Most of need the excercise! We need to think about things in the long run!!

  • Water is the Key to Life

    Although there is much environmental pollution occurring on earth, water pollution is proving to being one of the most detrimental sources of pollution. Watersheds are not being preserved as they should be and greenhouse gases as well as man-made chemicals are finding their way into our waters, aquafers and aquaducts. Water is life, which means that if it is polluted, life ceases to be sustainable.

  • Pollution is causing water insecurity everywhere

    Pollution is a serious problem impacting the water quality on our planet. Only 1% of the earth's water is fresh water, and more and more of that water is being irrevocably polluted each day due to industrial and agricultural runoff. This pollution is "killing our planet" because it is endangering the food chain and disrupting the quality of the soil.

  • Its saving our planet

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