• Yesssssssssssssssssss it issss


  • Water is wet

    If something comes out of the water, and you feel moisture on it, IT IS WET. Water is wet and makes other things wet. For example, if you are in your bathroom, about to get in the shower, and you check the water temperature by placing your arm in, your arm becomes wet! Thus, water is wet. Thank you and I hate you 59%.

  • Water is wet

    Water molecules are surrounding other water molecules to make water so doesn't that mean water (H2O) is wet because it is surrounded by its self? And you need a liquid to make something wet. H2O molecules coming in contact with another molecule or object, there fore i just answered my own question. Water is wet because you need H2O molecules to make something wet and H2O molecules surrounding themselves thus making water wet. Try making something wet without a liquid.

  • Water isn’t wet

    Wet is what you would use to describe the feeling of water, not what it is. Things become wet after it’s been “touched” by water not while it is being “touched”. Water makes things wet but it is not wet itself. I get when you say “water is wet” but your not stating something, you’re just describing water.

  • Water IS wet

    The word wet means saturated, covered or surrounded by another liquid. Because water can be separated into individual h2o molecules each one is surrounded by another one and that makes them wet because they are all surrounded/covered by another liquid. Although an individual h2o molecule is not wet. Thank you.

  • Water is wet

    Water consists of multiple H2O molecules and those H2O molecules are surrounded by more H2O molecules, and to perceive something is wet is to feel the H2O molecules and water consists of H2O molecules so there fore water is wet. Let me ask you a question.... Is fire hot? Is ice cold? The answer is yes, these words, hot wet and cold are all used to describe something. We are describing water wet because we can feel the H2O molecules in it, because it consists only of H2O molecules traditionally. Believe it or not even chemistry is on my side.

  • Definition of wet

    Wet: Covered or saturated with water or another liquid.

    Water is indeed covered or saturated in water. Saying water isn't wet just adds another silly exception to the rules of English. Have you ever been learning something in a class, and then the teacher says "I don't know why they made it so complicated"? Well that is what the "water isn't wet" people are doing.

  • Water is wet

    Water is wet because water is surrounded by other water molecules, right? The molecules are touching, so water would then be wet, the water molecules are getting each other wet. If you are underwater, you are wet. The water is touching you, your skin has been saturated with water. You have water touching you, you can't say that you aren't wet underwater when you literally have water touching you. Wet is used to describe something, not what it does to something. Water also can't make other things wet if it is not wet itself. That's like saying fire can't burn things because it's not burning in of itself (fire is an energy, not a physical thing, I'm just being hypothetical) For all of you saying water isn't wet because you have to be able to remove the water from the surface or whatever, you can take water away from water. You can remove water molecules from other molecules. Say you were to put a towel in a pool, you are removing the water from the poo. You can remove water from water, it's just molecules. All of you saying water isn't wet don't know what water is.

  • Water is wet.

    Of course water is wet. If water was not wet, it could not make anything else wet. Saying it it is not wet because it cannot get wetter is silly; neither can any item that is saturated with water. Saying it is wet only because we experience it as wet is just "if a tree falls in the woods ..." revisited. Why am I wasting my time on this?

  • Water is Wet

    I am almost fairly certain people who argue against this obvious question a.) are just looking for attention b.) have no clue what water is or the definition of wet is or c.) want to argue for no apparent reason. I know using an ad hominem argument is not valid, but I wanted to get my point across. If you actually understand and know the definition of wet, you will know, water is wet.

  • Now Listen Up!

    If you say water is wet.... Say you pour water on water, would u say the water is wet? No! But if you pour water on paper then the paper is wet. You cannot say water is wet but that it makes things wet. If you say water is wet you might as well say the fire is on fire not the house is on fire. I'm not saying that water is dry. I'm just saying that water is not wet. Water makes things wet

  • Wet is simply the state of having a residual liquid on a non liquid object or being.

    Think of it as
    A) Dry
    B) Wet
    C) Being underwater
    Just because you are underwater doesn't make you wet it just means you are underwater, the moment a person (whom is in a normal state of being dry because that's obviously the NORMAL condition of a REAL HUMAN BEING) comes out of water but still has water droplets on them that means they aren't DRY but they are WET. Wet is just the state of a solid being touched by a liquid but not submerged in a liquid as that is being "UNDERWATER" (Assuming that the liquid in question is water). Being wet can mean you have been into contact with ANY liquid not just water, so to say I am wet doesn't mean I came into contact with water. Just like to say I burned my face doesn't mean I put fire directly on my face; you can burn your face from sunlight, lava(like Anikan Skywalker), or even from a chemical burn. Just like splashing juice on yourself can make you wet, water isn't wet. Water is water.

  • Just going to give you words from a scientist's pen.

    Back in the old days, when water was where we needed to spend our time, touch was a lot more important than it is now. We as beings had to be immediately aware if we were going in or out of water. Therefore, the feeling of wet is a primal sensory reminder.

    However, thereafter once we ascended onto the land and trees, the feeling of wet became a sensory reminder of something out of the ordinary; it is raining - get shelter, you fell in a creek - start swimming.

    The reason it feels as it feels when water touches the skin is actually a complex electro-chemical reaction which works at amazing speeds. The sensory inputs are a combination of:

    1. Your body's pH at that moment
    2. The water's pH
    3. Your body's temperature at that moment
    4. The water's temperature
    5. The atmospheric pressure
    6. Molecular polarity

    Ewan Sweeney, Swindon, UK

  • Water is not wet

    The guardian states, "Water isn't wet. Wetness is a description of our experience of water; what happens to us when we come into contact with water in such a way that it impinges on our state of being. We, or our possessions, 'get wet'." Clearly, as the text states above, you can see that when your in water your NOT WET.......!!!!

  • No not whatever the water come in contact is wet

    When a fish surrounded by water, it is not considered wet until you take it out and expose it to air. When you jump into a pool, you are not wet until you come above the surface and come in contact with air. Therefore water is not wet. Whatever water come in contact with something that is primarily exposed to air, which was considered dry, is now wet. Also, the liquid itself is not wet. An object that was exposed to air which later come in contact with a small amount of water, now this object is considered wet, not water.

  • Water isn't wet

    Its is almost a proved fact that water is wet because when water come in contact with water is is not wet and this is because water itself is not wet but when its come in contact with a surface the surface is considered wet but the WATER ITSELF IS NOT WET is this is why water isn't wet because if u place something under running fact water it is not wet but when u remove in then it is wet but once again the water itself is not wet so what I'm saying is WATER IS NOT WET PERIOD

  • Water isn’t wet

    Wet is what you would use to describe the feeling of water, not what it is. Things become wet after it’s been “touched” by water not while it is being “touched”. Water makes things wet but it is not wet itself. I get when you say “water is wet” but your not stating something, you’re just describing water.

  • What is wet?

    Wetness is a term used for when water or some other kind of liquid is on top of or covering something else. If we are to say water is wet we'd just be saying that water is on water which its not because if you take water + water its still water just more than one atom of it. There is no real argument for if its wet or not but logically thinking it cannot be wet. The fact of the matter is that this is a question that can never truly be answered. But me and 70% of others on this site believe that water is not wet in the slightest.

  • Molecule Argument Rebuttal

    The argument that water is wet because water molecules are covered in other molecules is not true. We know that things that are completely submerged in water are not wet because the molecules in the water are still in their molecular pattern. It is when it leaves the water when the water sticks to it and it is wet. Being underwater is the cause of being wet but that doesn't mean you are when you are underwater. So, knowing there are exceptions to being wet, the argument that the molecules are surrounding each other means nothing.

  • Basically it's a no...

    If your under water do you feel wet? No cuz "Water is a compound of Oxygen and Hydrogen. They are on your skin but underwater the water particles are still in there molecular pattern and when you get out some of the water particles are on you and slow escape in to the air. "

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thedebater234 says2017-12-01T14:22:50.623
There's no point to debate about it everybody knows that water is not wet it can ONLY!! Make things wet
jasssmmiinneeeesan says2017-12-08T22:14:00.557
Ok first of all for all u dum ass cuckholds who say water IS wet. No nigga water is NOT FUCKING wet. End of story. Water only gets shit wet. Say I were to pour water on my shirt. Bitch my fucking shirt is wet. But if u picture it like pouring water on water, does the water get wet? Bitch fuck no goodbye. Smd
TI84GUY says2017-12-29T09:34:09.823
First of all, what is water? No, I'm serious, what is water? Technically, water is comprised of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen bonded together in a very specific way. Water is H2O and H2O is water. What happens when H2O reaches 32 degrees F (or 0 degrees Celsius)? It freezes! But is it still H2O? Of course, H2O is still water even when the the temperature reaches 32 degrees F (0 degrees C). So let me reframe the original question, "Is ice or frozen water wet? " Ice is still comprised of H2O, but very few people would argue that frozen H2O is wet. So, my answer is water is NOT wet.
Waterisfuckingwet says2018-01-04T14:30:28.247
Water is wet no argument all the people that say it’s not only say that cause they can’t see water getting poured into water well it does it’s called cohesion where water bonds with water you ever filled the cup to high somewhere and saw that water can make the dome where it doesn’t spill because it’s grabbing onto itself if you put your finger in it the water grabs onto your finger this is called adhesion and therefor makes your finger wet so when water clings onto anything that thing will be wet and when it clings onto itself it is also wet!
Wateriswet666 says2018-01-07T22:59:59.367
Water is wet
Autism327 says2018-01-11T23:06:05.453
Any who say water isn't wet are just retarded.