• Yes, Wells Fargo is in trouble.

    Yes, Wells Fargo is in trouble. The manager got a huge amount of money while many employees were simply fired. There is something clearly wrong with the way their business is run. Plus, many customers were affected by these false accounts. No one should trust them until they clean up their image.

  • Yes and no

    I think there should be some fallout for Wells Fargo with the consumer accounts scandal. That being said, the top people usually won't have to face too many consequences. Yes, there's been a sizeable fine, but the company didn't admit any wrongdoing or offer apologies to customers. I think Elizabeth Warren is right, but I'm not sure what will come of it.

  • No, Wells Fargo is Not in Trouble

    A spotlight has been cast upon the banking market. While many finance criminals escape prosecution, or at least a commensurate sentence, their names may become tarnished in global media. But, large corporations seem to have a remarkable immunity. Their ability to recover, cover up, and shift focus enables them to stay prominent and wealthy. As a company like Wells Fargo encounters major problems, it is wondered whether they will eventually collapse under the weight of public discord. But, Wells Fargo will be preserved and monetized in accordance with the whims of its owners and exchequers.

  • Wells Fargo is not in trouble

    Wells Fargo is not in trouble and will come out of this latest bit of a bad stretch just fine. Wells Fargo is like any other company that has its share of internal problems. People will become interested in other issues and this issue will pass by the wayside. In one month no one will even know what this story is about.

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