Is Western civilization inherently corrupt and unsustainable?

  • Destined for Disaster!

    Every day we bulldoze the natural environment and distance ourselves from nature as we consume and consume in a system that empowers the greedy and takes advantage of the needy. Let's face it. Western civilization is based entirely on the principle of greed and taking advantage of something we see as "beneath us". Sooner or later, this system is going to come down. Think of it. That credit card of yours is one of the most important things you have right now. Can you eat it?

  • Depends on the country

    I agree on Scandinavia, the Lowlands of Scotland, and Spain (because of the Basques), as they are a country of Klansmen who terrorize anyone who doesn't go with their Lutheran (or in the case of Basque country, whatever Protestant movements) "faith." Talking crap about tomboys who prefer guy friends (they just again mad cause some of them steal their women) and they talk about autistic people (but again, it's d--k fear). Anyways, England, Germany, Ireland, France -- are great countries. Having said what I said about Scandinavia -- they are true First World countries, and their brilliance and buildership as I call it built many of the mightiest things. And it was them who developed and pioneered digital picture and sound (though not always for good purposes). Dolby I think was of Scandinavian ancestry. But a lot of them got to the top conquering Greenland and Finland and oppressing their subjects, and stealing from them. Whereas southern England, Germany, France and Ireland are pretty clean in their history. So you can't say all Western countries are bad.

  • No, it is the best we have.

    No, Western civilization is not inherently corrupt and unsustainable, because it is the freest and best civilization that we have. The United States had slavery. That is true. But it was one of the first nations to condem slavery. The people in the United States live far richer than people in the Middle East, who are supposedly moral. Recognizing human rights makes the West sustainable and just.

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