• White pride dependant on subjugation

    Many of the great things that white people have done have been accomplished using the labor, resources, or land of other nations of people. We also define our race in terms of other races. White people are the "normal" race and everyone else is different. I believe that is bigoted.

  • If your upset about it, your probs racist.

    The answer is that white pride is perceived as racist because most of the people who promote it are white separatists or supremacists using the term to reference white power and dominion, whereas most people of color promoting pride in their respective heritages are using the term more appropriately as an invocation of cultural solidarity.

  • Depends on the country

    White pride, even in the countries I'm going to mention, is not racist. It's just in some countries the meaning has been ruined. In the case of Denmark and Britain, it's hard to be proud of whiteness without being seen as a racist Klan member or imperialist. But in the case of Germany, Italy and Spain, they don't have that history.

  • Yes, all racist supremecy is inherently racist.

    Yes, White Pride, like all racist supremacy, is inherently racist. It is wrong to think that a person is better than another simply because of the color of their skin. There are no inherent preferences in one race over another. We are all human. Anyone who thinks otherwise is inherently racist and wrong.

  • White Is not a majority

    If the world was shrunk to 100 people, 57 would be Asian, 70 would be non-white with only 30 white. Whites are not a majority by single race or by population. If other minorities can have pride organizations then why can't whites? If whites don't teach hate or superiority they should have as much pride in their color and European ancestry as any other group. Not allowing it is oppression, oppression is racism and bigotry.
    We should always cite:

  • It doesn't define a person

    Just because someone's proud of an intrinsic characteristic of their body doesn't mean they dislike everything that is not it. I'm proud of being a woman. Lots of women are. But that doesn't mean we want men eradicated, that we hate them. White people, their history, their cultures have just as a much of a right to be valued, respected, and stood for as any other. White people have done bad things, yes, but pretty much every group in history has as well. The collective does not define the individual, and being proud to be white doesn't make you somehow vehemently opposed to every other race. It just makes you someone who's proud of their ethnicity.

  • Definitions are important.

    Google definition of racist-a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

    Google definition of pride-a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

    By the definitions, White pride is no more racist than Asian pride, Black ( or African American) pride, Latino pride, or any other race based pride. Thinking one's race has done good doesn't inherently mean that it's better. CAN white pride be racist? Absolutely! Just like ALL THE OTHERS!

  • Read the question.

    The question doesn't ask if white "supremacy" is racist. The word here is "pride". Pride is not synonymous with supremacy, that's why they are two different words. It's also why gay pride is not called gay supremacy. Yes. I am proud to be white. No, that pride does not make me racist.

  • Proud to be white

    What with black pride, gay pride, brown pride what could be wrong with white pride. Why is it that only white pride considered racist? Right now there is a big push to "check your privilege" which is designed to make white people ashamed of being white. When ever somebody tells me to check your privilege my reply is Check your brain.

  • White pride is good.

    If you can't accept that then you are a bigot, plain and simple. White people have elevated the world into the 21st century. I understand you're mad but you need to get over yourselves. Non-whites have committed every vile act that you criticize white people of. Every culture has some good and some bad. It's good to take pride in your people and if your people are white then kudos to you too. You people(yea you people) need to get over yourselves and quit blaming whites who were born today for the sins of people from hundreds of years ago. Think that's racist? I don't care anymore. White pride!

  • Not completely racist, but unnecessary

    White pride, technically, is not racist. You aren't hurting (physically or emotionally) because of their race. However, it seems unnecessary. Blacks, gays (I know it's not a race), and Mexicans have been persecuted at the hands of white men and women, and when they say that they're proud to be black/Mexican/gay, they're saying that they're proud of who they are, even though the white majority may not be. When whites say it, it's unnecessary because they won't be judged for that. But blacks, gays, Mexicans, and Asians may be subject to preconceived notions about their personality and habits. So in conclusion, white pride is pointless, but it isn't racist.

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