• Racists are thick

    If you are proud of something as stupid as having white skin that means you are probably racist because stupid people are. Even if I was the most muscular looking guy ever it is nothing to be proud of. If however I used my muscles to lift something heavy then that would be something to be proud of. You can't be proud of the way you look, someone who says they are are most probably one of those insecure hate filled people who wants to feel better about themself by making others feel worse when there is absolutely no reason to be.

  • It misses the mark.

    The claim of pride in color, either on its own or in response to pride from another race, is missing the mark. Be proud to be a good person, student, athlete, humanitarian etc... But pride in the pigment of your skin has no merit in and of itself. Your skin can have no direct affect on anything, nor can it support accomplish or provide any betterment to the human race. It is superficial and foolish. Identity through race is a failure to identify individuals and what the stand for. It's a sad commentary on humanity that we still draw lines in such a superficial manner.

  • It's just an excuse to create division.

    Why should I be proud of, for example, being a man? Is it better than the alternative? Or why should i be proud of being French? What's wrong with the English? For that matter why should I be "proud" to be gay? Does it make me better than someone who isn't? I can't even say, given our track record, that I'm proud to be human. Just get used to that fact that creating divisions in society isn't as useful as emphasizing our common humanity, and leave it at that. Be "proud" of being a decent human being.

  • It's not inherently racist.

    When you say white pride is racist or offensive, you are saying a person should not be proud of being white? How come you get to be proud of being YOUR ethnicity but a white person can't do the same thing? Sure, whites have not been oppressed as a group but they still have a right to be proud of their ethnicity.

  • For all those people saying I can't be proud of the way I look:

    That's not really a valid argument against white pride because it's fairly irrelevant to what "White Pride" actually is. Even so, why can't I be proud of the way I look? In terms of physicality or muscularity, as some of the opposing example were, I work to get muscle - meaning I have to work to get bigger, stronger, etc. I'm proud of that because I lifted those bars, did those squats, etc. I'm not as proud of the fact that I have the muscles as I am that I built them myself and can do more with them. I didn't have to work to get my white skin tone as I did my musculature, but, much like my muscles, I'm not as proud of the fact that I have white skin, but what people who have white skin have done, it's about the Caucasian culture. (and you can't argue that there's no such thing as Caucasian or white culture because every other race - African American, Italian, Native American, etc. - have their own culture, so to say that all of them have their own culture and Caucasian people don't would, in it's own way, be backwards racism. Clearly not subscribing to "White Pride", it sounds like you just don't understand what it's actually about.

  • Not at all.

    If someone wants to be proud of being white,it's most likely because of just the fact that t hey're white. I'm black and I'm proud of it. Not because of anything black people have done as an ethnicity,but just because. There isn't ALWAYS a deeper meaning to things. I might just be something plain and simple.

  • Nope, not at all in my opinion

    If it is then doesn't that equal racism towards white people as it oppresses their skin colour? . . . . . . . . . . . . That is basically all that I wanted to say so this is just me filling in the blanks for my argument 😂

  • Short answer: No.

    Long answer: It's no different to black pride, Hispanic pride, gay pride, etc. It's taking pride in what your people have done to advance human civilization economically, socially, and politically. Blacks can be proud of Martin Luther King and his work for Civil Rights, and I should be able to be proud of Abraham Lincoln and what he did to free the slaves.

  • White pride isnt racist in my opinion. Its far different than white supremacy.

    Im a proud caucasian woman with "white pride" tatooed across neck who doesnt have the time nor the crayons to explain my personal opinion. Freedom of speech is a very basic right. I have ver passionate beliefs and am entitled those beliefs. I believe blacks are simply choosing to play the victim card once again.

  • Not at all!

    But I bet you thousands of black people would shout racism because they love to play the victim/race card. I would know. I've seen plenty and know plenty.

    Be proud to be you. Don't let crybullies tell you how you should feel about yourself. Where people need to stand up and say enough is enough.

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