• Whites are Not Privileged

    I am a caucasian and I have to work for everything. I've had to earn trust and everything I have today. An example that white privilege does not exist can be found almost anywhere. The only scientific differences between the races can only be described as the pigment of skin and a small difference in the femur bone. The cultural difference is the choices generally made by the people. If someone is shot after attacking a cop, it was their choice to attack the cop. If a white teenager was in the same situation seen in Ferguson, it would not make the news. The "race card" is pulled out when someone does not want to look at the real issue.

  • White privilege does exist.

    White privilege does in fact exist. Whites are more likely to get admitted into a school where as POC (People Of Color) have less of a chance. POC are more likely to be suspected of a crime and generalized as one whole many times. African Americans are often seen as lazy and are ghettoized.



  • Of course it's real

    How do you not understand that white privilege is in fact REAL as it can be. Whte privilege is not being singled out because of your skin color, it's having fair trails, did you know that if a white male is convicted with the same crime as a black man, the white male is most likely to get a smaller sentence that the black male. ITS HARVARD STUDY. Also being able to just walk out of your house not having that fear that you might get shot by a cop or be labeled by others as a terrorist, or not having to worry that trump might be out next president because it doesn't affect you in any way BECAUSE YOURE WHITE. White people are so ignorant to the fact that this world was built on the backs of People of color. The United States of America would not be the same without the hard labor of slaves. There wouldn't be a freaking White House with out POC!!!! White people continue to think that they are the superior race. They do not face the same struggles as someone of color would, it doesn't effect them in any way. If a white teenager rapes and kills a girl, jury would think "oh he's just a kid, he has a bright future" yet if a black kid would commit the same crime "he's a thug he has no chance of redemption", white people have the audacity to blame others for steal culture and "ghettos zing" their creation, yet whites continue to use things like henna, and weave. And box braids and bindis and use OTHER cultures as a fashion trend. LETS NOT MENTION HOW MUCH CULTURE APROPRIATION HAPPENS IN THE HOLLYWOOD INDUSTRY. But I'm gonna stop right here because I don't you white people to get to butt hurt about the truth

  • White privledge is not about your individual experiences

    White privledge is the fact that because you are white, or appear to be white you benefit from institutional racism and pre-dispositions of society.
    For example, white couples with the same income and credit as a Hispanic couple are shown more houses because they "seem" or "look" like they would fit into the neighborhood

  • White privilege exists.

    White privilege does exist. As does colored privilege. Think about it. Are there white colleges? White scholarships? White history month? But yes, it does exist. Whites are viewed as more approachable. They are more likely to be hired and more likely to be promoted. However, bear in mind it is not as big as it was. And be aware that both sides now have privileges the other doesn't.

  • White privilege is alive and growing.

    Whites are rarely racially profiled for being extremists when using airport security even though white extremists have done the most MDKs out of every group of extremists.
    Whites have this privilege because they also run the country via lobby groups and congress. Whites are usually given the benefit of the doubt on routine traffic stops vs blacks. Black drivers (12.3%) were about three times as likely as white drivers (3.9%) and about two times as likely as Hispanic drivers (5.8%) to be searched during a traffic stop in 2008.

  • Yes, White Privilege with out a doubt exists.

    Even though we have moved away from horrible times of slavery and discrimination, white privilege and racism are still prominant problems in our society. To say they aren't is to be blinded and oblivious. You can say they aren't real when black and white rapist receive equal time for the exact same crimes. You can say they aren't real when black people can get puled over without worrying about the cop being a racist. You can say they are real when people aren't automatically labeled as terrorists or thugs or sketchy based on the color of their skin. I think often times people don't want to admit White Privilege is real because they see it as insulting or like they are being called a racist. White Privilege is seen from the outside much more clearly than the inside. People need to be open to solving the problem and realizing that admitting White Privilege is a problem and is in fact real is the first step to the solution. Also, people need to realize that they are not at all responsible for their biases because they are so embedded into our society, they are there often times without even realizing.

  • Yes White privilege is real

    A lot of white people think white privilege isn't real beachside we have a black president or because they have to work. White privilege is not saying that white people don't face hardships or troubles. White privilege is benefiting most in a society structured to a oppress nonwhite people. No one is saying white people don't have problems, but those problems don't stem from being white. If you cannot understand something this simple you are in willful denial or you are flat out racist

  • Yes white privilege is real.

    White people have more advantages in American society due to being the majority. If they weren't the majority race, then white privilege wouldn't exist because rather than them being the oppressors due to being the majority, they would be the ones being oppressed. However, in America this isn't the case at all.

  • Of course it's real

    White privilege is having the ability to walk around a store without being followed or spied on, out of fear that you'll steal.

    White privilege is not having your resume rejected purely based on the sound or spelling of your name.

    White privilege is having your race widely represented in all media - and being portrayed as beautiful, pure, good etc.

    White privilege is being sure that you haven't been singled out because of your skin colour when a cop pulls you over.

    White privilege is not having to sit down and talk to your children about protecting themselves against the members of society that are meant to protect them

    White privilege is having the ability to be educated and well spoken without people's first reaction being surprise.

    White privilege is not having your natural hair deemed "nappy", "ratchet" or "disgusting".

    White privilege is being labelled as simply mentally ill instead of a terrorist.

    White privilege is never being told to "get over slavery" or "go back to where you came from".

    White privilege is being able to deny that racism is prevalent because you haven't experienced any.

    Of course, white privilege is real. Overall, people with light skin, not just whites, are better off than people with dark skin. This doesn't only happen in America, this kind of treatment can be found almost all over the world because of how deeply racism is ingrained in many people.

  • What the hell?

    No, white privilege does not exist, why is there a black President in the white house? Why are there so many black people in high paying jobs? Are there a F!@#$ load of colored people in the world HELL YES, can all of those people be successful HELL NO. Just because there are more colored people being born doesn't mean that whites are privileged or do we just lower the bar just because of the vast amount of people produced, turn that into a business model whites ell come back into majority... But it does not equal success, education, discipline does. No privilege just less !@#$ing and more studying.

  • White privilege does not exist

    POC get into colleges easier more than whites ( with same statistics) via affirmative action and diversification programs. Many other factors go into these selection processes too. The comic is a complete straw man, and uses statistics improperly. ( using a collective percentage and applying it to individuals) Also, what a news source decides to cover, does not institutionalize racism, it is what they decide to cover. Even then, neither party would benefit from this, giving away no advantage, or dare I say...Privilege.


  • It's an illusion

    People tell me that I cannot know that other groups don't have it worse because I'm not one of them, yet somehow they can know that I have it better even though they're not I?
    That doesn't make sense.
    You also have to remember that non-white people are not "minorities" in the world. Whites make up less than 10% of the world population, and are the minorities in many other countries. Can you still argue white privilege? Or is it just non-minority privilege?

  • Privilege is very real.

    But it is not traced based primarily. Privilege is all about wealth no matter what color you are. If you think that poor white people don't get discriminated against you're dead wrong. If you don't think a cop sees a young white male who is pivotally poor and isn't suspicious of him well you're wrong. A poor white person might fall into crime and drugs because of his environment. Privilege is not realizing that many people don't have college funds that not every onesparents can buy them a car or pay their rent. Not everyone can afford to travel the world.

    While it's seen as white privilege today it's still the same privilege that has always come with wealth and power. Sure there are more white people with wealth and power now but it's not simply because of the color of their skin. It's because of the way historical events unfolded. European countries grew very powerful economically they then exerted this power on others which is typical of our species. This has carried offer to the present with European people having more wealth but this isn't because of the color of there skin.

  • Explain to me..

    If white privilege is a thing than explain to me why Asians need 150 more points due to affirmative action. Explain to me why single motherhood in the black community is at 70% when it was only at 40% in 1960. So is America more racist? No, it's simply pendant on choices made. Scapegoat white people isn't cool, nor is scapegoat anyone.

  • Whites are behind Native Americans and Asians

    As far as who makes more money, who strives better in jobs, Native Americans and Asians make more money than whites do and a lot of even immigrants are doing better than whites are for God's sake. There's no mistake that this has been made up in less than a decade to make up excuses for why YOU are failing. Do a better job at coming up with excuses than to blatantly blame a race for shortcomings of your own failures. Also, institutional racism doesn't exist as well. Blind outrage starting now.

  • Are you serious?

    How can anyone take this seriously? I am white and I am in poverty, explain how I am privileged. How do so many people of race have high paying jobs if they were oppressed? I'm tired of being called out just because of my race... Oh wait, that is what you accuse people of doing to you!

  • The "white privilege" theory doesn't seem to add up.

    Of corse there's white privilege! Whites have the highest average income, lowest unemployment rate, lowest high school dropout rate, and the lowest incarceration rate of any race in America. OH WAIT, ALL OF THOSE FACTS BELONG TO ASIANS! I guess whites aren't on the top of good fortune after all. We just had a twice-elected black president, a lot of our top celebrities and musicians are non-whites, America goes nuts every time a celebrity says anything even suggestively racist, white people always try to act and dress like black people, we have black history month and Hispanic heritage month (November for those who haven't heard of this), and every time a police officer shoots a black person, regardless of the officer's color, it's automatically labeled as horribly racist even if the officer was right to shoot that person. Not saying there are no racists or no discrimination, but I believe people of color greatly overestimate the number of racists. They assume every time people mistreat them that it's because of their color, when really a lot of people are just assholes and not racists. I grew up in a small rural poor southern town, about 80% white, and only 2 or 3 kids that I went to school with said racist things. Compared to about 500 students in each school I went to in that town. While there is still unfortunately some racism and discrimination in American society, I think it's blown out of proportion by the media.

  • Actual Privelege Has Little to Do With Race

    Real privilege is by class, not race. Privileged people primarily:

    1. Grew up in good homes
    2. ...That taught the value of education, hard work, good morals, and achievement.

    People who come from those environments likely benefitted from them and likely live (relatively) privileged lives today.

    Proof? How about this:

    - About 7% of black 2-patent households are in poverty.
    - Meanwhile, about 20% - 20% - of single-parent white homes are in poverty.

    Yeah, very little of princeton briefed has to do with race; it's all about the home environment.

  • Privilege is an Over-assumption

    The idea of privilege is based on an intolerance of minorities of an area or based on a culture's racial make-up. In the United States, it's mainly white, anglo-saxon Europeans based on the historical context and immigrants who moved there to build up the country.

    Because of this, there's a belief that white persons are treated superior by society based on the color of their skin.

    If we're talking about employment, not only would the idea of white privilege fall under the concept of discrimination, which by American law, is forbidden based on the Civil Rights Act of 1969, but is also based on the idea that all American people are unconsciously racist.
    This is not only inherently blasphemous, it is also a gross overstatement.

    Even if you say that, the advocates of white privilege will go on to assume that a white individual was more entitled to a job because they were offered a better chance to be employed based on their economic class and "better off-ness" than the black individual. This, again, is an overstatement.

    It could be just as simple that the situation were switched, and the black candidate were hired and was in a superior socioeconomic class than the white individual. People all over America and the world have different backgrounds and experience different faults and weaknesses, privileges and winnings. It would be an overstatement to say white people have it better.

    The next thing that an advocate would imply is that whites have more representation in the media than minorities. However, this gross overstatement is based solely in American suburban societies, that are predominantly white-dominated.

    However, if you were a minority (even one with high wealth or lived in the suburbs) you would find that people were more inclined to treat you with respect in a low-income area that was minority dominated. If you were white, you might find that people automatically scornfully looked at you, and treated as an outsider. You might also find that the product selection in stores in low-income areas with minorities dominating was, as contrary as the advocates might imply, was not geared towards you. Instead, you might find clothing that didn't suit your style, "Ethnic hair care" taking up the majority rows, and food you didn't like holding the space it normally didn't. (This would hold true in pockets of society everywhere.)

    Why? Because a business caters to the majority of it's customers. A country caters to the majority of it's people. It's how it's always been, and always will be. It is part of human nature to have outsiders who feel ostracized, and similarities in a community. In other countries, white privilege would be replaced by other races that were the majority there. Are we saying, that by believing in white privilege, that countries with one dominant racial makeup (i.E. China, Egypt, Kenya) are also at major fault for appealing to their dominant race?

    Gross over-assumptions are the only argument white privilege has. Without them, it disintegrates.

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