Is Wikileaks a threat to the United States National Security?

  • people won't be able to handle it

    Some people can't handle the information that its has on it who knows you might find some conspiracy theorist that would the take the information the wrong way and then start terrorizing even people in general can't handle some of the secret information that the US has it could cause widespread panic

  • Yes look at what damage is being done.

    Without knowing too much about Wikileaks. I don't approve of any US citizen releasing secure information about the US to a source where anyone is able to read it. Even if it's information that proves our country acted in a manner that is unethical. We have no good reason to act divided as a country in this present time.

  • Yes, I believe that Wikileaks was a threat to the U.S. National Security, because it showed our cards for many current events.

    Wikileaks showed the outside world our security personnel and undercover agents, and it put more than just the USA at risk. We have a government to protect us. And, if they can't protect us, there is no point.

    Posted by: FrequentSal49
  • The United States depends on being able to maintain certain security issues on a need-to-know basis; Wikileaks threatens that security by exposing information that can be used by our enemies.

    Enemies of the United States rely on obtaining security information about us that reveals possible weaknesses, therefore making it possible for them to use that against us and attack us where they see a possibility to prevail. Those actions place the American public as a whole in jeopardy and makes us susceptible to terrorist attacks. Wikileaks compromises our security by exposing those weaknesses, not just to the American public like they claim, but also to those that would seek to do us harm.

    Posted by: HospitableEdgar46
  • Wikilinks is a threat to the United States National Security, because it explicitly provides national secrets to U.S. enemies.

    Wikilinks placed the United States in danger when it released confidential documents of foreign relations online. These documents were meant to provide insight for American leaders, when dealing with foreign leaders. By providing these documents online, Wikilinks exposed the United States to retaliation and decreased relations between those leaders.

    Posted by: SqualidVaughn
  • Yes, because Wikileaks leaked many sensitive documents about the current administration.

    It is hard to argue that Wikileaks isn't a potential threat to national security. Thousands upon thousands of documents were leaked, some of which, contained sensitive information and talks with other nations. The only good thing to come of Wikileaks is the level of transparency. Now the U.S. knows that everyone has seen everything, so there can be no surprises from leaked information, as it's already out there.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • Wikileaks is a threat to United States National Security because of the sensitive information it discloses.

    Wikileaks is a threat to United State National Security because it discloses information that is sensitive to our government and military. The information that gets out could fall into the wrong hands and threaten the safety and well-being of American citizens. There are dozens of militant groups who are anti-American and would use the information to harm the U.S. in a heartbeat.

    Posted by: WardGrad
  • Wikileaks is a potential threat to the national security of our country, because it provides an outlet for any individual with a grudge against the government to access sensitive information.

    Wikileaks, in itself, is neither constructive nor destructive of our government, or of our country's security. It is a tool that can be used for either purpose. It has been, and will continue to be, used to "leak" information that can be a threat to our national security. This is because there is currently no other outlet for the kind of information that has created the current uproar throughout the world. Although some might consider Wikileaks a danger to international relationships, others might say that it provides a transparency of the machinations of government that has long been needed. International relations are complex. Perhaps because of this complexity, it is necessary and desirable to keep negotiations and agreements securely under wraps in the "back rooms", rather than letting the people know what is being done. The only problem is that these machinations, agreements, and negotiations, are all supposedly being done "in the name of the people". Do we not have a right to know what is being agreed to in our name? Yes, Wikileaks is threatening our security, if in no other way than by de-stabilizing regimes and threatening power bases. The question we must ask is: Is that a bad thing?

    Posted by: CI3Iike
  • When they gave agents' names that were working for us in other countries, that definitely endangered us.

    By giving the name of agents in countries we are at war with. It hampered our ability to get needed information for our safety. It also endangered those agents. They also released location and sites.

    Posted by: wait4me2fall
  • Wikileaks is a threat to national security.

    Wikileaks is a threat to national security because they divulged classified documents, including the names of foreign nationals who co-operated with the US in the war on terrorism. As a result, people have died. Documents are classified for a reason. Divulging the contents of classified documents by an American is treason, or by a foreign national is an act of war.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • No, because secrets seem to be the only thing our Government is good at accomplishing.

    In today's world, more and more citizens are beginning to realize just how skilled the people over at Wikileaks are at exposing secrets. However, it should be noted that their goal is not to endanger, but to empower people with the truth. They exist to warn us of the very real danger that comes with ignorance, especially when pertaining to government and politics. So the real question isn't whether or not their information is dangerous, but whether we can afford the consequences of ignorance.

  • No wikileaks is not a threat

    Wikileaks is not a threat to US national security. The information on the site is being provided by individuals most of who get the information legally. The information on there should be monitored to make sure it is not illegal. If it is illegal it should be removed and the person prosecuted.

  • Our Government is Based on Transparency.

    Through releasing the Manning leaks, citizens were able to see the honest inner workings of our foreign policy. If our policy is so abhorrent that other countries shouldn't be able to see it, it shouldn't be our policy. America deserves better: an international policy that doesn't make us look like the lunchroom bully. One that doesn't make enemies, and doesn't incite terrorism. It's simple. Wikileaks is a threat to political careers by being a helpful tool in an honest democracy.

  • Wikileaks is not a threat to The United States National Security

    But it is a threat to the United States Government in the way of uncovering lies. I Support it because of that. It proves that The Government is violating human rights, proved that our military does acts of terrorism and genocide. If that is a threat to our national security then so be it. Im not a nationalist. An Iraqi is just as important as an American. Karma

  • Wikileaks is just telling the truth behind everything.

    It is no threat to the US, it is just that the United States doesnt want its people to know about the truth

  • While it may have caused an embarrassment, it has not appeared to have created any major security problems.

    Wikileaks may have embarrassed the government. They may have made it seem like a major security leak by releasing secrets. But the reality is that what they released didn't create a lot of major security problems. It may have been stuff that the government didn't want to be public, but it wasn't stuff that would threaten any major industry or agency directly.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • When the good is balanced against the bad, Wikileaks is more of an effective ray of sunshine serving the people, not threatening them.

    While a certain amount of national security is required for the sake of protection, Wikileaks has not leaked any information that would put large swaths of civilians in harm's way. It has not sold weapons to terrorists, or worked with terrorists to undermine critical infrastructure. It has, however, shined a glaring spotlight on the increasingly secretive and tyrannical methods of the United States government. We are constantly told by PATRIOT act adherents that, if we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear. Who watches the watchmen? It falls upon the brave and anonymous patriots to expose the wrongdoings of the Government.

    Posted by: MagicalRodrigo30
  • No Wikileaks are not a threat to the US National Security.

    Let's face it; in this day and age and with the constant advancement of modern day technology, the US needs to be abreast of its own security. That means employ the best people you can and keep the national security issues safe. There is always going to be someone out there who will leak something related to national security. The key is to prevent it.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • Wikileaks is not a threat to United States National Security, because the website takes steps to ensure that current troop positions and security situations are not published.

    WikiLeaks is careful to edit out any references in published documents to current troop positions or security situations. Moreover, WikiLeaks is not the source of any information it publishes. To say that WikiLeaks is a threat to National Security is to say that the New York Times was a threat to National Security when it published the Pentagon Papers (and the Supreme Court ruled that the Paper was not). The individuals who leaked documents, however, may well be a threat to National Security, and should likely be subject to punishment for divulging classified information.

    Posted by: A Paul

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