• Yes, it is.

    WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organization working for transparency which publishes news leaks based on their ethical, historical and political significance. The most high-profile documents hosted by WikiLeaks are either US based documents or they focus on alleged US government misbehavior. Many of them relate to hidden war crimes or prisoner abuse. The following sections describe the content and value of leaked publications and public reactions on the leaks.

  • Yes, it is.

    WikiLeaks has released information that the public needs to know, that was other wise kept hidden. WikiLeaks has helped to expose criminals and goverments who behaved badly. It has helped to sway public opinion and it has shown people the truth about differnt incidents. It is great for the public eye.

  • Yes it is

    It is high time that the public around the world knew what was going on behind
    closed doors, its the people of the world that gave these politicians their jobs
    and the people should know just what they are up to.

    Good on Wikileaks for having the balls to release the truth of what world politicians are up to.

  • Yes, WikiLeaks is valuable for keeping corporations and governments honest

    By exposing dishonesty and unscrupulous acts committed by corporations and governments, the public can be better informed and make better decisions about how to live their lives. For example, if you know the government is tapping into cell phones, you can take security measures to protect yourself against their spying.

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