• Duh?Of course it is!

    Short - cut to homework!!!!!! Its the best thing that ever happened to me, eat that teachers no more ours spending to try and find good homework! I mean its so good, awesome and so useful when you only have 1-2 days of giving in homework now im the best student in the class!

  • "But ANYONE can change it!"

    There is are people monitoring it to make sure the information is legitimate. If someone writes something stupid, then the page gets changed back to how it was before. Wikipedia is a useful starting source because people wouldn't write something on it if they weren't sure it was true. You're teacher lied.

  • Yes it is.

    This is useful because it has reliable sources and teachers are wrong when they say it sucks. It is a great starting point, and has reliable information. I really think it is use ful and some of the pages are locked so that vandalism is prevented. This is for you!

  • Even though...

    Even though its not always right. Wikipedia is still helpful for information most of the time. I think its nice to have a site that strives to provide useful history and information on everything that it can. Information is power and intelligence. Everyone should strive to have intelligence. Its of course also good for those silly little debates people have.

  • Wikipedia is useful, maybe not always valid.

    I do believe that Wikipedia generally has useful, valid information. I'm not sure exactly how there seems to be correct information almost all the time on the site. Perhaps there is someone who is being paid to check information and retype anything that appears off. Whatever corrections are made, I find that Wikipedia most of the time has sufficient correct information that I was looking for.

  • Yes, as long as people acknowledge its potential flaws, it is very powerful.

    Wikipedia is a robust and dynamic place for information. Like any source, it must be questioned and it will sometimes be wrong, but in the vast majority of cases it is as useful as any print source. Often it is even more useful because of its structure and its legions of dedicated volunteers. It promotes reading, links people to other sources, and generally helps to disseminate and educate. Plus, it is free and accessible to millions of people at all times.

  • YES, Wikipedia is useful

    For me, Wikipedia has been very useful. You can find a ton of information on Wikipedia, having to do with a huge variety of subjects. Sometimes you do need to verify that the information is actually correct, but 9 times out of 10 it is. I use Wikipedia for almost everything when I am doing research projects.

  • It may sometimes be useful, but not always

    If you have ever checked Redsox document after Yankees game, you will find out why wikipedia is not useful. Of course, some say wrong information gets revised in a short time period. The thing that really matters is not how quickly documents are revised. Wikipedia should be asked the fundamental question, "Is the editing tool necessary?" "Does it work as planned?" I do not believe so.

  • There are other sources.

    Despite Wikipedia appearing useful, it really just pulls from other sources and, at worst, is inconsistent. What could be correct one day could be wrong the next, and some users will complain about even the littlest things. The first sites that appear on search engines are not always the best. Wikipedia occasionally could be a last resort, but only that.

  • I think wikipedia is not useful

    Wikipedia is not useful because it can be changed and has been changed by a fellow classmate who made himself director of QSI. This is why it is not useful. Wikipedia cannot be trusted because it has no trusted info and it can be changed to any thing.

    By devesh

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